Treadmill walk 89: Three for three

Three days into February and three treadmill workouts. Woo! How long can I keep this streak going? Will I ever go outside to exercise again? Just what the heck is going on?


  • Yes! But I can’t say for how long. Maybe another day. Maybe more.
  • Yes! When? Soon, perhaps. How soon is soon? Let’s say before Valentine’s Day.
  • It’s just my crazy life.

The workout was fine, nothing out of the ordinary–which is good! Out of the ordinary would probably mean falling off the treadmill or something.


Speed: 6.5
Incline: 5

Pace: 8:51/km (8:49/km)
Time: 48:43 (47:05)
Distance: 5.50 km (5.34 km)
Calories burned: 478 (335)
BPM: 130 (120)

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