Treadmill workout 147: A li’l slower

It was actually a nice day today, with the sun out and everything. It got to 17C, which is almost (almost!) the normal temperature. But because it was a day of chores and errands, I ended up doing another treadmill workout instead of a run. I only kind of regret it, mostly because the next time I go to do a run it will almost certainly be raining.

And then I was slower again today than the previous workout, despite not feeling tired like I did last time. I also forgot to set the speed to 6.7 and so the first part was 6.5, which may have also had a slight effect.

Still, working out is working out.


Speed: 6.7
Incline: 5

Pace: 8:47/km (8:44/km)
Time: 44:14 (43:52)
Distance: 5.03 km (5.02 km)
Calories burned: 368 (345)
BPM: 126 (122)

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