Welcome to the year 2019

As I saw noted elsewhere, 2019 is the year that both Running Man and Blade Runner are set in.

Noted elsewhere on the internet:

Predicting the future is hard. Predicting the near-future is hard. Heck, predicting what I’ll be having for lunch in two days is hard.

(To be technical, you could probably say that Philip Dick and the creative people behind Blade Runner were not specifically imagining the future, just creating one possible vision of it for story-telling purposes. But that’s no fun.)

I think the best part about Blade Runner’s version of 2019 is how they just couldn’t pass up on flying cars.

Their version of a pollution-choked L.A. is actually not that far off from some of the mega-cities in China (and elsewhere), though. And corporations are already monolithic, evil entities. So maybe Blade Runner isn’t that far off, after all.

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