The best things about 2019 so far

A short list. I mean, we’re only two days in.

  • No nuclear war
  • No snow
  • Ultima Thule revealed in the greatest detail yet
  • Did I mention no snow?
  • No donuts so far
  • Days are very slightly longer
  • All resolutions still on track (hey, I’ll take it, even if it’s only 48 hours so far)
  • This list
  • Finally, no snow

Welcome to the year 2019

As I saw noted elsewhere, 2019 is the year that both Running Man and Blade Runner are set in.

Noted elsewhere on the internet:

Predicting the future is hard. Predicting the near-future is hard. Heck, predicting what I’ll be having for lunch in two days is hard.

(To be technical, you could probably say that Philip Dick and the creative people behind Blade Runner were not specifically imagining the future, just creating one possible vision of it for story-telling purposes. But that’s no fun.)

I think the best part about Blade Runner’s version of 2019 is how they just couldn’t pass up on flying cars.

Their version of a pollution-choked L.A. is actually not that far off from some of the mega-cities in China (and elsewhere), though. And corporations are already monolithic, evil entities. So maybe Blade Runner isn’t that far off, after all.

2017 in review (one day in)

Here is my review of 2017, less than 24 hours into the year. This is part of my “get in quick” campaign for the year, to make sure no task is left until it’s too late.


  • Donald Trump is still not officially president
  • no new snow
  • coughing less, feeling a bit better, more energetic
  • had yummy fresh bread with blueberry jam and tea


  • only 19 days until Donald Trump is officially president
  • existing snow is now getting all crunchy and slippery
  • would prefer to already be healthy rather than just improving
  • resisting the urge to put all food into my mouth is not easy


  • yes, I ate a few Bugles–but only a few!

In conclusion, 2017 is okay so far.

2016: The year so far

The first 23 hours of 2016 have been okay. I got a Compass card for transit since they’re now mandatory. It worked fine at the fare gates at Sapperton. Metrotown station doesn’t have gates yet due to station upgrade work. Instead they have little fare post things. They were very fussy with the card and I hate them.

I weighed in at a whale-like 169.5 pounds this morning due to holiday excess. The good news is the holidays are all done now so the shoveling of unneeded food should end. Should.

It was cold and sunny, except here in New West where great banks of fog rolling off the Fraser blotted out the sky and gave the area a spooky look.

That was about it.

2015: It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times

2015 is coming to and end and for me it was a year of transition, with little progress, so I’m looking forward to things improving in 2016.

I’m not making any resolutions for the new year but there are things I want to do, plan to do and will probably cry a little inside if I don’t do them. If I did have resolutions, they would look something like this:

  • get my weight back down to where it was during summer, before I hurt my leg (this would be around 150 pounds)
  • write every day (I’ve been very good with this since mid-August, though most of the writing has been inane posts on this blog)
  • finish at least one major writing project, likely my novel Road Closed, written for NaNoWriMo 2014
  • stay sane at work
  • run regularly again
  • get my left foot looked at and/or fixed (the looking-at part could happen in a little over a week)
  • try to stay positive, kind and creative
  • win millions of dollars in the lottery
  • seriously, I’ll give a whole bunch of it to charity if I win

Happy New Year to the bots, other non-humans scraping this site, and people accidentally arriving here because I used the word “nude” in some post back in 2007. May 2016 be fruitful and fun for you.

Welcome to 2011, please have exact fare ready before boarding

I rang in the new year in a way I never have before.

On the bus.

As you might surmise, this was not by design, no matter how much I enjoy riding on public transit. Instead, I was working until 11:30 p.m. and as it happens my schedule and the bus schedule do not overlap conveniently, so as the hour struck midnight I found myself sitting on the #22 at the bus stop at the intersection of Broadway and Clark. The driver was kind enough to come onto the intercom and wish the six or so onboard a happy new year. It was nice.

The new neighbors at the corner of the street had a big and not-terribly-legal firepit raging in their backyard to help celebrate the passing of the old year, with a number of revelers in attendance, while the crisp night air was pierced by the occasional whistle and explosion of fireworks. I also watched as a guy walked directly down the middle of 19th Avenue while talking on his cellphone. Another on the other side of the street angrily shouted at…no one that I could see. But oh yes, he was angry.

All in all not a bad night and it was perhaps the first-ever New Year’s Eve on which I got snugglebunnies, so that was a bonus!