Drawing a Day, Day 15: Donut

This one was weird. I had reference photos ready but just used the brush pen in Procreate to draw the rough shape of a donut, then started adding colors and using the smudge tool to lightly blend everything together. I then added sprinkles.

I realized the color of the donut was off–it almost looked uncooked. Grossbuckets. I then used alpha lock to try painting over with a more golden brown, but finding the exact shade proved difficult. I then tried playing around with all the different layer options and discovered that choosing Difference resulted in the tan-colored donut becoming a dark, more chocolate-like donut, so I fiddled a bit more and while it’s not great, it was interesting to experiment and find a way to get closer to what I wanted without starting over.

First, the dark donut:

And the yet-to-be-baked donut:


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