Daily Drawing No. 44: Duckling

This was done using a tutorial from bardotbrush.com, so the basic duckling shape was already set. The fluffy feathers and colors are my own.


Daily Drawing No. 43: Hedgehog

I hate hedgehogs almost as much as I hate otters, but this time I allowed myself a little more creative freedom, so it went a bit better.

For future reference, the fur was done using the standard dry ink brush.


Daily Drawing No. 42: Llama

This was done using Bardot Brush’s llama template and brushes, so the general shape and face are hers, but the fluff, coloring and shading are mine.


Daily Drawing No. 41: Otter

I am dissatisfied with my otter. The head is not bad (except for the ear–I draw ears like Liefeld draws feet), but the general look of the fur and the forelegs is just blah. I used reference and I think I would have been better off to go my own creative way on those aspects.

Or I could have cropped it to just the neck and head.

But it is recognizably an otter, so it otter do.

P.S. The grass looked OK to me until I actually sat back and really looked at it. Now I think it’s weird, too. I used the same Combed brush from the Fur and Fluff brush set for it that I did for the otter itself.

If I ever go back to redo any of these (which is admittedly unlikely), this will probably be one of them.


Daily Drawing No. 40: Gorilla

I’m still not sure about the nose, but this probably turned out better than expected, even if it’s still not great. At least it looks like a gorilla!


Daily Drawing No. 40: Sloth

This was done following along a lesson by Lisa Bardot on the Skillshare site (no link because it’s paid–I’m on a 14 day free trial for this particular prompt). The free Fur and Fluff brush set for Procreate makes the fur way easier to do. The other bits needed more work, but I’m trying to keep a lid on how long I spend on these prompts.


Daily Drawing No. 39: Fox

What does the fox say? Start over, that’s what. :P

My first attempt, using Bardot Brush’s free Fur and Fluffy brush set for Procreate, ended with something that looked like a mutant fox you might find in a Fallout game. Having used reference for this, I next chose to just do a fox head without reference and while I’m not pleased with the face, it’s definitely better than the first try, so yay for that.


Daily Drawing No. 37: Zebra (Gum Gum Person)

Today was supposed to be the finished version of my zebra sketch, but I didn’t feel like doing it, so instead I drew a Gum Gum Person dressed as a zebra.


Daily Drawing No. 36: Zebra sketch

I’m renaming these posts to something that flows a little better. I’ll rename the previous 34…soonish.

Today is a zebra sketch. Zebras have more stripes than you might think.


Daily Drawing No. 35: Penguin

The finished penguin, still on a featureless ice floe.

The feet are kind of Liefeld-ish. I could have done better.

The water was made, appropriately, using a watercolor brush.