Spotted sandpiper

When I got my Canon EOS M50 camera in January 2021, the first place I took it to take bird pictures was Maplewood Flats. Unfortunately, it was a gray, misty day, so I didn’t get a lot of great shots. I did get a photo of a spotted sandpiper, but it wasn’t very close. That photo serves as the basis for this bird drawing. I re-interpreted the log to something more stylized because why not?

A spotted towhee

This took longer to draw, not because I lavished extra detail on it, but because I screwed up. I sized the reference photo down way too small, so I ended up with a micro-sketch of an extremely tiny towhee. It did not scale up gracefully, being made of pixels and all, so I basically drew a proper-sized one over top of it. I didn’t really notice my goof-up until I had pretty much finished the original drawing.

But now I’ll know for next time!

A drawing of a ring-necked duck

I spent way more time than I should have trying to figure out what to do with the water. A simple, flat colour? Add ripples? Make it look semi-realistic? Bright? Dark? Medium? Hot pink?

In the end, I settled for a slightly layered look using darker blues and a flat paint brush.