I tweak because I can (site update)

I’ve made some changes to the site. Here they are. Woo.

  • a new theme: Blocks2
  • added jQuery Colorbox to the photo galleries (this makes the photos pop-up all pretty-like)
  • removed a bunch of links from the sidebar, moved some to the Books etc. page and re-ordered others
  • removed the Sections, uh, section. The Sections links are now only at the top of the page. Redundancy is redundant.
  • killed the ‘jogging’ tag as it is now its own category

The biggest change is the complete removal of all of my writing. I’ve decided to take a different approach for now and will only be making a few selections available on the site, though all of the writing exercises will be back, since they are freely viewable on the Martian Cartel forums. I haven’t modified the theme yet but will be tweaking the colors and perhaps adding a graphic at the top of the site.

My inane posts are, of course, untouched.

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