Inktober 2020 #23: Rip

Drawing a rip in space turned out to be a lot trickier than I thought.

This was also a good exercise in practicing certain techniques, such as the very long strokes needed to get the starry backdrop to look right.

Imagine there is a Gum Gum Person somewhere in there.

Inktober 2020 #20: Coral

Brain coral, to be precise. I found a pen brush in Procreate that does a good job of simulating brains, so I was set.

Inktober 2020 #19: Dizzy

When I read that they accidentally put dizzy back in the prompt list for 2020 (it was also in the 2019 list) and then decided to go with it because it would be funny and nutty to see what different things people would do this year, I was disappointed. First, if you’re going to do an event only once a year, how on earth do you accidentally repeat the same word? There are a lot of words out there to choose from. Second, because there are a lot of words out there to choose from, choose new and different words, instead of asking people to do the same prompt again.

Anyway, here’s my 2020 version of dizzy, which was nice ‘n quick. THAT’S ALL YOU GET FOR REPEATING A PROMPT, LAZY INKTOBER PEOPLE.

Inktober 2020 #17: Storm

This one didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted. I could have spent more time on it, but in the spirit of just blazing through these and getting them out, I called it after trying and failing to draw rain about a billion times.

Inktober #16: Rocket

I was originally going to strap a Gum Gum Person to the rocket, but it seems to work fine on its own. It still has a pleasantly cartoon feel to it.

I’m still not crazy about the smoke. And despite all the color, I did not use a fill command, as everything was still done with ink brushes:

  • Studio pen
  • Brush pen
  • Dry ink

Inktober 2020 #13: Dune

Resisting the urge to add giant sandworms (or gum gum people), this was mostly an exercise in shading and simplicity. At one point I was going to keep going, then sat back and said, “Nope. Done!”

The dry brush used in the top half is meant to suggest a starry sky. I think it mostly works, though things went a bit awry in the lower-right area, but I decided to leave it.