Drawing a Day, Day 1: ORANGE

Pretend this was posted on January 1 because I got started late.

Bardot Brush is doing a drawing-a-day thing for the second year in a row, and I’ve decided to take part after learning about it on Broken Forum.

Here are the instructions for joining: Join Making Art Everyday

And the page with the list of prompts (January is food-themed. Mmm, food.): Making Art Everyday

My aim is to keep the drawings simple and quick–this is more about building discipline than improving my art, though I hope that happens, too, of course.

Two more drawings will follow later today to get me on track.

And the first entry of mine, ORANGE. Unless otherwise stated, all drawings are done using the Apple Pencil in Procreate on my iPad Pro.

My orange looks a bit like a bowling ball, but a delicious, healthy bowling ball.