3600 days of MyFitnessPal is kind of weird

As of today, I have logged into MyFitnessPal for 3,600 days:

That works out to 9.86 years. I’ve been logging in since I had hair.

When we were in Manning Park back in 2017 we had no cell reception. The place is, as they say, off the grid. But north of the campground we were staying at by Lightning Lake was a mountain called Blackwall Peak. We drove the long switchback-filled route to get to the top, and right at the apex was…a large Telus cell tower and building. I was able to get one bar on my cell phone and keep the MFP streak going.

I later found out that if you logged into the app during days you had no connectivity, they would comp you for them later through support. This was later still built-in to happen automagically once you had connectivity back. I think my streak was in the 800s back then.

The weird thing now is I don’t really care about the streak anymore. In fact, I’ve been on the lookout for a better tracking app but so far I’ve found none that are a worthy replacement, despite its flaws and niggles.

Anyway, just a random thing I noticed today.

Here’s a shot of me preparing to throw my mid-summer snowball, with the cell tower behind me.