It’s the second day of September, here are random thoughts

In list form, because I like lists:

  • Favorite interpretation of Apple’s September 7, 2022 “Far Out” event: Refers to pricing of new devices to be unveiled.
  • Summer 2022 early review: It’s not the heat, IT’S THE HUMIDITY AAAAAGGGGHHHHH
  • Weight loss 2022: Going way better than previous attempts in the past few years!
  • Running: Back in the groove, with potential injuries, humidity and bears being ongoing concerns
  • Cats: I kind of want a cat again, but also kind of like not having the responsibility of having a pet
  • Dogs: Why are there so many of them? Do people want kids and get dogs as kid substitutes?
  • Dog owners: Why are so many of them so bad at being dog owners? Am I living in a part of the world where people just don’t understand how dogs work?
  • Diablo 3: Why did I start playing again? WHY?
  • This list of random thoughts: Why did it evolve into a list of questions?
  • Upcoming blog posts I’m committing to right here:
    • Mac vs. PC, 2022 Edition
    • Apple Watch as running watch: The 7-year review
    • R.E.M. albums ranked (again) with mini-reviews of each
    • Maybe the same for ELO
  • Ugh, it’s only 10 a.m. and already 21C. WHY.
  • WHY
  • That’s all for now

Curiously unmotivated

Yesterday (Saturday, August 27, 2022, for the record) I was curiously unmotivated to post. I was up late and as I watched the time tick by, and it got closer to midnight, I thought, “I should at least post something, even just a haiku.” and yet I did not. I watched some videos, I had a nice shower, I did some reading. I slept.

I regret none of these things. Sometimes you just need to let everything slip away and get lost in your own head for a while. Which I did.

Now that that’s done, here’s a haiku and a cat:

Enjoying nothing
Is no easy thing to do
Brains don't shut down nice


Random things I find weird

Earrings are weird when described literally:

Punch holes into your flesh, then hang shiny metal objects from the holes.

close up photo of gold colored latched back earrings
Photo by Dima Valkov on


Two people put on gloves and punch each other repeatedly in the head and upper body. Wearing gloves magically converts this from assault to entertainment.

men doing sparring fight
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on

Wiener dogs:

If you want an idea of what humans will do when genetic manipulation evolves further, consider the wiener dog.

relaxed cute dachshund dogs sleeping on cozy bed
Photo by Dominika Roseclay on

Godwin and January 2019: Random post

Looking through my “treasure trove” of unpublished/incomplete blog posts, I found one from January 2019 in which I imagined invoking Godwin’s Law on reader comments made on CBC New stories. A few things before getting to the re-imagined quote:

  • I no longer actively read the news. I do not regret this at all and, in fact, do not feel I am less informed on what is happening in the world, or locally, as a result. My inspiration to go news-free came from this post on Experimental History.
  • The world would have to endure two more years of Trump as president, and he continues to make headlines as ex-president in all the wrong ways, but thankfully, he is making them as ex-president.
  • As always, never read the comments remains stellar advice.

And now the original post:

CBC News headline for an opinion piece that is way too easy to Godwin:

No matter the politics, Trump's wall could provide jobs, stimulus if recession strikes

Godwin version:

No matter the politics, Hitler's concentration camps could provide jobs, stimulus if recession strikes

I imagine you could probably apply this to a lot of things Trump has said, or will continue to say. I, however, am not going to pursue this any further, because I value my brain.

It’s time for some lists

My List

  • Your kiss

Top 5 Theme Songs for May 2020, Metro Vancouver Edition

  • Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head
  • Here Comes the Rain Again
  • Singin’ in the Rain
  • November May Rain
  • Rain is Falling

Bonus (maybe, hopefully): Here Comes the Sun

The Best R.E.M. albums, ranked yet again by me

  1. Automatic for the People
  2. Lifes Rich Pageant
  3. Murmur
  4. Monster
  5. New Adventures in Hi-Fi

Previous list (which I did not check before writing the current one):

  1. Automatic for the People
  2. Lifes Rich Pageant
  3. Monster
  4. Collapse Into Now
  5. Murmur

I swapped out their final album Collapse Into Now for their 1996 release New Adventures in Hi-Fi. It’s really close, though. Collapse is actually a really good R.E.M. album, especially considering how bored the band had seemed by the earlier Around the Sun. I don’t listen to Murmur much these days (R.E.M. joke) but when I do, it still seems kind of magical. It’s an amazing debut album.

Random things I like

  • Sugar peas
  • Taking pictures of things
  • Getting lost in a drawing
  • Watching something that makes me laugh (that doesn’t involve someone taking a ball to the crotch)
  • Walks along trails (often done in conjunction with #2)


UPDATE, JULY 4, 2022: I am going to periodically update this post with more examples of how "vibes" is being inserted into articles and things where it never would have been before, because it is still the NEW HOT WORD.

The below added July 4, 2022, from an article in The Atlantic. The writer could have written “the economy” but no, we got VIBES happening.

How did “vibes” become the new hot topic (on the web, which is now our replacement for reality, unless your country is being invaded by Russia)? How did this happen? What will replace vibes when vibes are no longer hot?

Am I doing vibes right? What is my vibe? I just don’t know.

Related: When did people decide it was hip to refer to products being offered in different colors as “colorways” when “colors” works just fine?

Why are people so weird?

Also, a fancy cat:

I am tired

I am tired of being a good person (or at least I think I’m a good person) and seemingly being punished for it.

I am tired of being nice with no result, no effect.

I am tired of indifferent and incompetent people.

I am tired of inconsiderate people.

I am tired of people. I am tired of this world.

I am tired.

I am tired.

I am tired.

Draft never posted: Bluh, February 2020 edition

April 5, 2022: As the title suggests, this post was originally written at the start of February 2020--a month prior to the official declaration of the COVID-19 global pandemic, which is still ongoing as I write this update. I haven't edited the entry, but thought it would be interesting to post in a time capsule sort of way.

I mean, February was kind of better. March, though...

I fell well short of my post-per-day goal in January, but I also got a nasty case of the flu (which still lingers on in a few minor ways two weeks after I first got sick). This took what was a minimal desire to write and squashed it like a bug under a very large boot.

It also rained 28 of 31 days in January, so I may have also have been hit by TRD–Torrential Rain Disorder, in which even someone who has lived their entire life in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island eventually starts cracking from the incessant, endless rain.

But perhaps February will be better. At the very least it will be shorter. And perhaps a smidgen warmer.

Things I wish I had more of

These would be nice, but not essential.

  • Hair. In a way, having a shaved head is nice. It’s very low maintenance. I can’t have bad hair days. But a big, lush head of Robert Plant hair would be nice to tousle in slow motion. Until I had to wash it, and you know, actually take care of it.
  • Money. Would lots of money turn me into an evil, hedonistic monster? I’d be willing to find out.
  • Better taste in clothes. I’m not horrible, but I’m not great, either. I wear (nice) sweatpants with little shame. I can’t see where exactly this would help me, but it seems like something that would be nice to have.
  • Patience. Everyone can always use more of this, right? Not to be confused with the Guns ‘N Roses song, which is okay and does not try my patience.
  • Passion. Passionate people are weird and scare me, yet I long to join their wild-eyed club. My passion is more like a warm bowl of soup. It’s fine, but it doesn’t last and you can only re-heat it so many times before it gets kind of gross.
  • Muscles. Who doesn’t want to be big and brawny? Well, me, actually. But to have nicely-toned muscles, to have a body that makes people notice without immediately thinking, “Loser must live in a gym”? I could handle that. What I can’t handle is the exercise necessary for getting these muscles.
  • More as they cross my mind.