Oh snow

Guest parking at 1:53 p.m. Note: Ventilation shack was not pulverized by the snow, it’s been like that since August 2023.

Today we had our first real snow of the winter. Considering we’re well into January, that’s not too bad. It is still unwelcome, albeit pretty. We are expected to get a few days of below-freezing temperatures before going back to our usual mild winter. Take a look-see at tomorrow’s low temperature:

  • Normal low: 2°C
  • Record low: -9°C
  • Expected low: -13°C (!)

And just a few weeks away we set a record for the high temperature hitting +13°C. Climate change is fun!

A trip to the pseudo-marsh

We just had one of those fun atmospheric rivers come through the area, and they always live up to the name, dumping huge amounts of water before moving on.

This afternoon I made a trip with my camera to Lower Hume Park and found the field to be squishy, muddy, and very marsh-like. There were ducks.

And seagulls and crows. And up top, some golden-crowned sparrows and several elusive juncos. The light was not great, but I got a few decent shots (I’ll post more later). Here’s a crow I shot on the way back home:

As the crow perches.

And a shot of the still very high Brunette River:

Whoever is in that tent is pushing their luck.

I regret the long pants

I normally run on Mondays, but this Monday has been Heavy Rain Day. I don’t really like running in the rain, but if it starts raining while I’m running, I shrug and continue. If there’s a light rain or drizzle before the run, I shrug and continue.

But if there’s heavy rain falling and I know that as soon as I step outside I will get drenched, I find motivation harder to come by. But tomorrow morning looks good, so I count skipping the run today as a handy day of extra rest.

I did have to go to the store, though, so I tried to time my trip between deluges and was…partly successful. I also wore long pants for the first time since April, covering up my sexy tanned legs. Worse, it wasn’t even cold out (17C — above normal). I later regretted the pants. But I waited until I got home to take them off. I’m not some perv.

Should we talk about the weather?

Today is the second day of Fall 2023. Tomorrow, as logic dictates, is the third.

We have a “special weather statement” for the third day:

I’m supposed to be running tomorrow. On the plus side, I won’t need to worry about getting a sunburn. On the negative side, getting clubbed by a laden tree branch would probably hurt a fair bit. I guess I’ll see how things look in the morning!

Precipitation! And a minor reflection on Summer 2023

Yes, it is raining today and that is noteworthy, as it has been very dry. It still doesn’t feel as weird or bad as last summer, though wildfires across BC are worse. I remember last summer having a surprising number of 30C+ days, and it was super humid from start to end. This year humidity has been low or normal (possibly due to El Niño) and while it’s been warm, we’re seeing high temperatures that are only may be a degree or higher than the norm. We may have had more 30C+ days in May than in July so far (and the forecast suggests it will stay that way).

Weather is weird. And getting weirder.

Thank you for attending my mini climate change TED Talk.

A perfectly cromulent forecast for the rest of July 2023

The weather, May 21, 2023 edition

It’s cloudy, with a high of only 19C forecast today. What is going on?

What’s going on is after two weeks of weirdly warm summer-like weather, we are now back to normal weather for mid-May. I’m still wearing my shorts, though.

And 19C and cloudy is still perfectly pleasant. To celebrate, here are a bunch of cats enjoying the sun:

Lousy Smarch weather

The weather was nicer in January than it is now. And it snowed in January. April showers may bring May flowers, but no one will see them BECAUSE THEY WILL BE UNDER 2 METERS OF WATER.

And they’re still teasing this in the forecast:

Oh, I’ll be back in eight days to verify that it was actually 4C with snow showers on the 28th, believe me!

The answer is 42

red purple and yellow tulip fields
Tulips means spring. It’s the law. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In this case, the question is: How many days until spring?

This also means we have about one more month when snow is possible, after which it becomes exceedingly unlikely through mid and late March and all but impossible by April.

Though we have had snow in April.

Also, it’s only 34 days–just over a month–until accursed Pacific Standard Time gives way to better Pacific Daylight Time. This is all to say that I’ve had my fill of winter, and bring on the warmer weather and longer days.

That is all.