Spooky mountain

I updated the gallery for September 9th’s birdingpalooza. You can view the gallery in its original post, or at the bottom of this very post.

Not included is this black and white variant of a local peak. It looks kind of spooky. I like it.

And the gallery for September 9th:

A glowing skull from Disneyland

…is a title I never thought I would use for a blog post. But here we are! It was a busy day and I didn’t take any photos outdoors, but I always take a photo of something, so today it was the glow-in-the-dark skull I bought at Disneyland over 40 years ago. It still glows in the dark, too.

I’m not sure why I bought it. I think it was $8 or $9, which was actually decent money back in the early 80s. And it was heavy. If I remember correctly, I bought it at the end of the evening, so only had to carry it to the parking lot. I was no dumb kid. At least not when it came to transporting heavy, glow-in-the-dark skulls.

They call him Flicker

We’ve had a northern flicker come bug-hunting outside our condo for a little while now, and today it seemed like it would stay long enough for me to grab a few shots, so I did. I had to shoot through a dirty living room window, so I did what I could to clean up the shots (they are grainy if you zoom in, alas). And it was almost too close at times to keep in frame. Shot with my Canon EOS M50.

Right side:

Left side: