This blog of mine: A 2023 reflection of sorts

Stats as of Wednesday, March 15, 2023

On February 2, 2005 I wrote my first post on this blog. You can read it here (it’s a mere single paragraph): Bloggity blog blog

In fact, why even make you click? Here it is, in its entirely:

I was the last one to get bell bottom jeans in grade 5 and now I’m the last person on the Internet to have a blog. Hooray for me! As you may have guessed, I am using WordPress for my blogging needs. An apparent feature of WordPress is relentless self-promotion as witnessed by the three separate links for the software on this very page. I’ll be culling a few soon and adding some other links that might prove interesting or not.

Me, February 2, 2005

Not exactly a fascinating debut, but actual interesting writing eventually made its way to the site.


Here are some 2005 fun facts:

  • Facebook didn’t exist
  • Twitter didn’t exist
  • Netflix existed but only rented out DVDs
  • Blockbuster still existed
  • The current version of Windows was Windows XP
  • I had hair (I would keep it for six more years)
  • I was 40 years old, which seems a almost kind of young now (scary)

Today, I came across a story about an even older blog– He has a billion more posts than me, has had an actual impact on the web (he created the permalink!) and has been on TV. It made me wonder what sort of impact my blog and its 4280 posts has had on the world, and whether that matters.

I suppose it doesn’t matter as long as the blog entertains me, or serves some kind of useful function for me (I think it does). But I do sometimes ponder about starting up another blog with a tighter focus (reworking this site would seem to almost go against the chaotic randomness of it). But the problem with going with a tighter focus is…my brain tends to wander all over the place. Imagine it with legs and a cute little suitcase. I write, I draw, I take photos, I run, I ponder, I make lists, I post things I find amusing or stupid. I complain (I have long-struggled to minimize the latter).

And in the end, I never do make that other more focused site, because I am not a focused person. At least not yet. Let’s see if I am for the 25th anniversary of this blog. Only seven years to go!

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