Treadmill workout 143: Speeding up

An early afternoon workout while the weather continues to flit between sun/cloud/showers and unseasonably cool temperatures. Plus the treadmill is just so darn convenient.

Today’s workout was a wee bit different in that I tweaked the speed slightly around the 3K mark, going from the usual 6.5 to 6.7. The reason for this is I feel I’m hitting about the max I can with the current settings, so the only way to improve is to either increase the incline or the speed. I’ve opted for speed for now, as I have some wiggle room before the tread starts moving fast enough to go from walking to jogging.

As for the workout, it was zippy and some stats that were going high, like BPM, have returned to normal. I am pleased by the results.

Stats (the results):

Speed: 6.5-6.7
Incline: 5

Pace: 8:46/km (8:54/km)
Time: 44:04 (44:53)
Distance: 5.03 km (5.04 km)
Calories burned: 328 (379)
BPM: 119 (124)

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