Treadmill workout 144: Safe from the rain

It’s like January out there. Steady rain and only 9C in the middle of the afternoon. Global warming, amirite? (I am right.)

I did another morning workout when I couldn’t pick a task to focus on. A treadmill very much requires focus once you climb on and push the start button.

Today I set the speed to 6.7 from the start, curious to see how much of a difference it would make. Behold: My pace of 8:41/km, which is indeed my best pace yet! I also wore the orthotics in my shoes, and my left foot seems happier as a result. The faster pace led to a not-unexpected increase in BPM but it’s still low, so in all I am happy with the change. I’ll keep this setting for the next handful of workouts, then adjust the speed further (faster) if and when I start to plateau on this setting.


Speed: 6.7
Incline: 5

Pace: 8:41/km (8:46/km)
Time: 45:10 (44:04)
Distance: 5.20 km (5.03 km)
Calories burned: 354 (328)
BPM: 125 (119)

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