What does my blog needs? “Ads!”

I asked one of my online friends (they are the best because they can never give me an actual wedgie) what else I could put on my blog, to which he responded “Ads!”

So I went searching for some good ads and found this one from the 1950s or as we call it now, The Age of Enlightenment:

Crazy girl likes jam

I call this “Crazy girl likes jam”. My friend suggested she is thinking about chomping on the fingers and relishing the thought. I think he may be right.

Speaking of The Age of Enlightenment:

Colorful cancer

Lord a-mercy, am I right?

The real question here is how she is keeping that cigarette in her mouth.

Feeling thirsty after your cigarette and jam sandwich? How about some orange juice?

Orange juice creepy

Crazy kids love orange juice. Gives ’em energy for doing all sorts of things. Like MURDER THE FAMILY IN THEIR SLEEP.

Apologies to the sites I appropriated the images from. I just used Google and did a search. You can find the originals easily enough, especially if you read to the next three lines where I link them:

Jam girl from slashfoods.com
Happy smoker of color from Vintage Ad Browser
Crazy orange juice kid from Photoree

And to prove that questionable ads are timeless, here’s an Ars Technica story on AT&T using the September 11th terrorist attacks for a smartphone ad. The AT&T CEO issued an apology which basically amounted to, “Boy, that was pretty dumb, huh?”

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