Another awesome book review

On the book Fire and Fury, about the first year of Trump’s tenure as president, features this 1-star user review. Keep in mind that user reviews are held in a moderation queue before being posted.

Is the user’s name Ana Nomous or did they just stumble that badly when trying to spell “anonymous”? Whatever the case, it is both curious and interesting that someone took the time to post a 1-star review in which they forthrightly state they have never read the book and would never read the book because ewww.

This is a close cousin to the “I must answer every reader question about a product on Amazon even if I have no actual information to provide” posts featured on, well, Amazon.

People are weird.

September 2019: Good, bad, not really ugly

September 2019 in list form:

  • The last day of the month was sunny and pleasant. Yay!
  • The days are getting noticeably shorter. Boo.
  • I ran a 10K…twice! Yay.
  • My fiction writing remains MIA
  • I read a little more than in August
  • At least I’m not turning into a couch potato
  • Early fall colors are pretty
  • It hasn’t really rained that much, all told
  • 30 days, just like every other September
  • I didn’t go out to see any movies
  • On the above point, I also don’t feel like I missed anything
  • Did I draw? I did not draw.
  • On to October!

Things I like: The saga continues

There could be some duplicates on this list. I didn’t check first because I also like being lazy.

  • Turkish Delight
  • Running
  • The first three weeks of fall
  • Switching to Daylight Saving Time
  • Mango passionfruit tea
  • What the brightest, kindest and most innovative people can achieve
  • The smell of the sea breeze
  • Sketching random junk
  • Finding quirky things to take photos of
  • Serendipity
  • Fonts
  • Cats
  • And as always, lists

Best photo of a MacBook Pro accompanying an article on Windows 10 writing apps

Right here:

The best part is the editor’s note at the bottom of the list:

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2013 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.

My own editor’s note: Windows 10 did not exist in 2013. Fresh and accurate indeed.

A short, odd book review

This single paragraph–for a horror novel called Salvage, posted on the Kobo website–may qualify as one of the oddest book reviews I’ve seen:

“I had a hard time with it. The chapters being on average 30+ pages induced me to skip many, perhaps too many in order to finish the chapter being read. I became lost at times and finished the book by sheer determination. the book is well written but those never ending chapters.”

The idea that 30+ pages per chapter is too long is strange. It’s not like there’s a rule for chapter length, and with ebooks, you don’t even have to keep track of where you left off. Perhaps the reader is one of those people compelled to always read to the end of the current chapter before setting the book down. Even then, it’s such a weird affectation that I wonder why one would even bring it up. But even more baffling is how the reader confesses to skipping a bunch of chapters, then becomes “lost at times” (no kidding), but still finishes the book (“well written”) and gives it three stars.

(I bought the book in question–not based on this review.)

Some things on the internet I like

Kung Fury, a 30 minute parody of 80s martial arts movies, and also everything else 80s. And dinosaurs and Hitler.

It’s getting a full-fledged sequel with Michael Fassbender. It will probably be better than Prometheus.

wasd’s gallery of custom-colored keyboards as designed by their users. These are alternately hideous, even more hideous and also delightfully hideous.

One sample below. I think my favorite part is the Pacman ghosts on the arrow keys.

The Simon Stalenhag Art Gallery. Stalenhag has created a delightfully weird alternate universe where the 80s turn out…a little different. One example below. The art is an amazing blend of realism (the composition and light/liquid effects are terrific) and the fantastic, with giant robots, and curiously controlling electronic devices everywhere. The imagery ranges from intriguing to funny to horrifying, sometimes simultaneously. Buy his stuff.

People are looking at my profile. All one of them!

I love boilerplate email.

LinkedIn (now owned by Microsoft) sent me an email with the following subject line:

Oh boy, people are looking at my LinkedIn profile (which I haven’t updated in probably three years)!

And in the email itself, all of the juicy details are revealed:

Yes, one person or possibly not-a-person-at-all has viewed my profile. This is very exciting indeed. Thanks for letting me know, LinkedIn!

This is post #30 for the month

I’m just nakedly padding things out now. My brain is freezing, I want to go to bed, yet I feel compelled to toss up 31 posts for the month. Only one more to go after this. I’m sure the next post will make up for this one by being five thousand shades of brilliance.

This is post #30, though, so it only gets a quarter shade of non-brilliance, sort of like a flickering fluorescent bulb.

Important iPad rumor update!

A poster regarding a story about (potential) new iPads on MacRumors said, and I quote:

But no, Apple is going to wishy wash (being forum appropriate with word choice) and let Microsoft (for one) continue to climb higger.

I’m pretty sure if you go to the Microsoft site right now, the slogan they have displayed there is Climb Higger.

It’s a reference, of course, to the world-famous Mount Higger, the tallest mountain in all internet comments sections. Meanwhile, Apple is going with the wishy wash, a new, magical method for manufacturing processors in super-clean rooms.

These are exciting times for both technology and random people making comments on the internet.

(Ironically, I think the point the person was making as he fought with his keyboard, is not entirely inaccurate, that Apple is being conservative with their technology while Microsoft, with products like the Surface Studio, is championing the sort of innovative design Apple was once known for. Still, I want a new iPad, anyway. Microsoft could still make my socks roll up and down with a Surface Pro 5, but probably only due to its price.)

Compelling screens and virtual hard copy

Here are a few things I found while browsing the internet* today. I’m not linking back to the source material but there’s a good chance using one of those fancy search engines may get you there.

On a review of a monitor: “The most compelling thing about this display, of course, is its screen.”

I would hope the most compelling part of a monitor would be its screen. I suppose if the stand was built out of moon rocks or something that might be even more compelling than the screen, but let’s face it, there aren’t many monitors with moon rock stands out there.

On an article on blog writing tools: “Want a hard copy of this blogging tools list to take with you wherever you go? Sign up here [link], and you’ll get it in your inbox within a week.”

I would be very curious to see how the author manages to get a hard copy (physical sheets of paper) delivered to a person’s inbox (virtual email receptacle). Perhaps the author is too young to remember when everything was hard copy. Here’s a suggested rewrite:

Want a printable copy of this blogging tools list to take with you wherever you go? Sign up here, and you’ll get it in your inbox within a week.

This will be either my last post of 2016 or one of my last posts of 2016. I promise to be kinder and less sarcastic in 2017. Promise!


* yes, technically I mean the world wide web; I’m covering my butt here because of the pedantry in this post

This is the sixth post I’ve written today

In an effort to get in 31 posts for August (an average of one per day), I have been forced to crank out six posts on the last day of the month. This has by necessity put the focus on quantity over quality, but I look at it as a sort-of extended free-writing session, something that will stimulate my creativity and ultimately lead to something better, even as anyone reading the current results is left confused, angry, bored or a combination thereof.

I promise to put more thought and effort into September’s entries.

My promises don’t always stick.

But I try.

Also, here’s a picture of me with a freaky filter from Prisma applied:

Weird photo filter fun

How I miss my green organic hat. :(

(Trust me, it really was green, not decorated like the bus from The Partridge Family.)

(The bill split open when I washed it and MEC doesn’t carry it any longer, so it’s gone forever, like the dodo or your favorite dinosaur.)