Minor redemption on lazy updates to photo galleries

I have uploaded the full set of photos I deem acceptable from the August 26th birbing extravaganza. The link to the gallery is below. I’ll work on the other photo-less galleries soon™.

This gallery has a bit of everything: bugs, birds, boats. I also indulged and converted three photos to black and white, but kept the originals, so people can argue over which is better.

A vast and empty sea

Yeah, I still haven’t posted any pics from Saturday yet to the gallery, but to be fair, my PC was off most of the time since then.

As a stopgap, here’s a photo of the extreme low tide at Iona Beach, with bonus smoke haze. The perspective makes it seem as if the sea is drying up, all the way across the Strait of Georgia to Vancouver Island in the distance.

But is it art? Mode dial gone wild edition

As mentioned in my birding post on Saturday, I found out I had shot about 150 or so photos with my camera in Av (Aperture priority) mode instead of P (program mode), which meant, unbeknownst to me, the camera was handling shutter speed, while allowing me to control the aperture and ISO. I didn’t adjust these because I thought I was using P mode, where I have set up to take the kinds of photos I like. For whatever reason, I thought everything still looked ducky through the EVF, so I kept shooting away until, sometime later, I looked down and saw that the mode dial on my EOS M50 had somehow moved two notches over. Whoops.

This is how it affected action shots. Most of them are blurred messes, but a few have a kind of abstract, oil painting quality to them. This is probably my favorite, a shot tracking a swallow flying low over a pond.

I don’t need AI to produce this stuff, it just comes naturally, thanks to my cursed camera.

I’ll have the gallery of photos from Saturday–with actual in-focus images!–posted in the next few days.

A small gallery of Burnaby Lake, August 14, 2023

Here are a handful of shots I took with my iPhone 12 after my run today. Everything is lovely and green and blue, and you don’t have to experience the stupid heat and humidity by looking at the photos!