Inktober 2019 #1: Ring

I tried drawing a ring, like the kind you wear on your finger. It’s harder than you think. Harder for me, anyway. Then I thought of showing a phone ringing, but phones are hard to draw, too. I thought, “What is really easy to draw that also rings? A stick man!”

Well, actually, stick men don’t ring. So I improvised. Here’s my first entry in Inktober 2019, a stick men hanging over a pit of spikes on an exercise ring. Ironically, the one part I cheated on by using a shape is the ring itself.

This is actually one of several drawings I made. I spent a long time working on something else and it sucked corn dogs. Such is art.

Tools used:

  • Procreate (for the overall sketch) using the Studio Pen brush
  • iPad Pro 10.5 inch
  • Apple Pencil (the first one, which is approximately five meters long)
  • Affinity Photo for adding the ring (Windows version)

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