Drawing a Day, Day 11: Ice cream

I spent a lot of time on the ice cream scoop, using different brushes, blending and generally trying to get some decent shading/painterly look to the thing. I gave up and went with the ultra-simple cone you see below.

Drawing a Day, Day 10: Asparagus

This turned out a lot different than what I was originally going for (a kind of watercolor effect) but it’s still okay.


Drawing a Day, Day 9: Berries

A day late as I was out testing my sore foot and taking pictures of demonic squirrels (demonic squirrel pics will be posted soon).

I used reference that had a lot more berries in it than what you see below, but I like the way this looks like some kind of weird fruitmobile.

I experimented with the water brush in Procreate. Looking at it now, the shading on the strawberry is a bit too subtle, but look at dem seeds.


Drawing a Day. Day 8: TOMATO

I saw a funny reference pic and chose to use it for today’s drawing. I’m not sure it was the right choice, but it’s…something.

Afterward I did a more traditional tomato:

Drawing a Day, Day 7: RADISH

Such a tiny vegetable, such a giant pain to draw. The actual radish part was easy but once again, leaves are my nemesis. I ended up going with a pruned look and even then I had to stop before I gave the radish Don King hair.


Drawing a Day, Day 6: WATERMELON

I had an idea in mind, found a reference photo, and came reasonably close to getting what I wanted. Therefore, watermelon is better than peas.


Drawing a Day, Day 5: PEAS

Typically, I spent a lot of time working on these peas, and it’s by far my least favorite effort so far. Them’s the breaks.


Drawing a Day, Day 4: CARROT

I have drawn a few surly carrots from time to time. This one is less angry. This also catches me up on the prompts, woo.

Drawing a Day, Day 1: ORANGE

Pretend this was posted on January 1 because I got started late.

Bardot Brush is doing a drawing-a-day thing for the second year in a row, and I’ve decided to take part after learning about it on Broken Forum.

Here are the instructions for joining: Join Making Art Everyday

And the page with the list of prompts (January is food-themed. Mmm, food.): Making Art Everyday

My aim is to keep the drawings simple and quick–this is more about building discipline than improving my art, though I hope that happens, too, of course.

Two more drawings will follow later today to get me on track.

And the first entry of mine, ORANGE. Unless otherwise stated, all drawings are done using the Apple Pencil in Procreate on my iPad Pro.

My orange looks a bit like a bowling ball, but a delicious, healthy bowling ball.