Field fungus

After today’s run, I spotted a clutch of mushrooms, possibly aided by the showers on Monday and Tuesday. I snapped a few quick photos and here they are in a lovingly handcrafted mini-gallery.

(Shot on my iPhone 12)

A snail and a river

When Nic and I were at Colony Farm this past Saturday, the sky was dark and oppressive–but it didn’t rain! (That happened earlier, when we were at Piper Spit). As we walked along one of the trails, I spied a snail and thought, “How cute!” and took its picture. The phone version is below.

Later, we discovered there were a whole bunch of them, which makes seeing the first one less wondrous and delightful. But still cute!

Also, an example of what it looked like. Dark ‘n foreboding shot of the Coquitlam River:

Random shots around Hume Park

My goal in walking around Hume Park today was to take shots of things I don’t normally take shots of, or to shoot things from different angles. One of those “see things in new ways” kind of things.

Looking up to one of the trails that line the western side of the ravine (look closely, you can see the fence).
From the path connecting the lower and upper parts, looking out across the Brunette River and beyond it, the future maintenance yard for the Millennium Line.
Moss on a tree.
Picnic area.
Just some trees catching the sun.