Photo of the day: Sewer cover by the river

Because there is a sewer that runs alongside this part of the Brunette River. Underground, of course, but occasionally you can smell its fragrant odor wafting by.

I was originally going to crop my feet out of the shot, but my feet are almost a meme in my photos at this point, so I kept them in. It was about 30C when I took this shot. I have probably had enough 30C days for this summer. I don’t think Mother Nature is listening, though.

Shot (but not fatally) with iPhone 12

Night shot, hospital construction

They were doing one of the mega concrete pours that can stretch on into the evening (because it’s mega, they can’t stop partway through) at the new addition to Royal Columbian Hospital. I happened to be out and aboot, so grabbed a shot of the site during this unusual mid-evening activity.

The iPhone often “enhances” photos to the point where they no longer reflect what you actually saw, but this one is pretty close. The sky really did have this eerie blue cast to it.

The moon and other night objects

I was out completing my rings tonight when I turned around on Sherbrooke Street and saw a fat full moon hanging low in the sky, just as the sun was going down. I went back to the condo, grabbed my camera…and found the battery was dead. But I had a backup battery and it worked. Yay for planning.

Here are three shots, of the full moon, the upper floors of the new hospital building next door, and the mega-crane that has been installed for the pending construction of the next hospital building, along with other nearby objects.