Ghost in the printer

A few minutes ago, as I was writing the previous post, my Brother MFC-9130WC printer (that name just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? At least Apple knows how to name things. Their printers were called ImageWriter and LaserWriter. Catchy, hip, easy to understand. Both also long dead. Moving on.) suddenly came to life and looked like it was about to print a job. Then just as suddenly it stopped, wound down and is now silent again.

I asked my partner if he’d sent anything to be printed. Nope. I asked myself, “Did I just have a blackout episode in which I attempted but failed to execute some sort of a print job?” and I’m pretty sure the answer is still nope.

Now I have the urge to write a spooky story about a printer that spits out creepy jobs on its own. I’m sure it’s been done a billion times and started three centuries ago with stories about feather quills that appeared to write ominous notes on sheepskin without any human assistance, so it’s not a strong urge.

Still, it’s kind of weird. Also the printer is loud when it does anything, so it was also annoying.