A haiku for a soggy summer start

The rain falls in June
I know the sun will return
Burn my arms again

Which is true. No matter what I do I always end up with some degree of sunburn on my arms, it’s like one of the laws of the universe. This year I’m using sunblock to see if my body is actually resistant to active sunburn prevention.

I will provide photographic evidence as needed in the near future to demonstrate the outcome of this.

My skin has great a-peel

Sorry about that.

Five days after being dumb by sitting in the sun without moving for 3+ hours to watch the Pride parade and getting a right proper sunburn as a result my arms have finally started peeling. This is good, I suppose, in that I have fresh unburnt skin but it is also gross because big hunks of dry skin flaoting off my body is not really up there on the sex appeal scale.

I swear I will remember sunblock next time.

This is why you don’t refuse sunscreen

Yesterday I was at a WESA softball game. Unlike most spring days, it was actually sunny and warm. Prior to game start I was offered some sunscreen. For some reason I was convinced I was impervious to the sun and declined the offer.

This is the result:

Yes, I am dumb but perhaps a smidgen more humble today than I was yesterday. I will now look for “Sunburning for Dummies” on Amazon.