A haiku to Daylight Saving Time

I had no issue getting up this morning after the “spring forward” due to the switch to Daylight Saving Time. It’s one hour, I don’t get the big deal. People are weird. And I appreciate the extra hour of daylight in the evening, it feels welcoming and inviting. So here’s a haiku to the time switch.

Daylight Saving Time

Spring forward today
Body clock forced to adjust
But now run at night!

Although I’ve switched mostly to running in the morning, I like the option of being able to run in the evening, which has its own ambience and positives. And it’s just generally nice to have a stretch of daylight after dinner, it lets the day unwind more gradually, unlike winter where it’s pitch black at 6 p.m. and you feel weird going outside.

Anyway, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Next stop: Permanent Daylight Saving Time! (please)

I don’t know what to write, send help!

Actually, it’s probably more than I can’t focus long enough to sit down and write something. In any case, I intend to start cranking up the old writing machine in the next few days, seeing if I can hit a goal of an average of two posts per day for the month (62 total). As of right now, I am 10 posts behind. That’s a lot of McTopics. I need to get cracking.

Here’s a haiku to start. I even wrote it myself instead of outsourcing it to ChatGPT!

Time to Write

Time to get writing
Put fingers on the keyboard
Magic gushes out

Er, maybe I’ll try another haiku tomorrow.

A haiku to getting fat

Today, I weighed in at a high-for-the-month weight of 163.2 pounds. This is bad and I feel bad. I vow to do better, even though it’s December and it may seem like a hopeless battle.

I asked ChatGPT to write a haiku about gaining weight. It still managed to put a positive spin on it.

Gaining Weight: A haiku by ChatGPT

Winter has come,
Gone are the days of summer sun.
Now I must eat more.

ChatGPT also seems to have a liberal interpretation of what a haiku is, because that ain’t 5/7/5!

One more time, a haiku about getting fat:

Getting Fat: A haiku by ChatGPT

Layers of fat grow,
Once sleek form now soft and slow.
Winter indulgence.

That’s more like it! It’s also an actual haiku.

Now I’m off to eat nothing. NOTHING. Well, maybe breakfast. But then NOTHING.

Haiku to a headache

I spent most of the day with a headache and did a lot of not much at all, other than laying on the bed, drifting in and out of sleep, and having weird dreams.

I did end the day with a 40-minute workout on the treadmill, though. so there’s that.

The haiku:

The head starts pounding
Seek a magic pill to fix
Modern life is great

Curiously unmotivated

Yesterday (Saturday, August 27, 2022, for the record) I was curiously unmotivated to post. I was up late and as I watched the time tick by, and it got closer to midnight, I thought, “I should at least post something, even just a haiku.” and yet I did not. I watched some videos, I had a nice shower, I did some reading. I slept.

I regret none of these things. Sometimes you just need to let everything slip away and get lost in your own head for a while. Which I did.

Now that that’s done, here’s a haiku and a cat:

Enjoying nothing
Is no easy thing to do
Brains don't shut down nice


Haiku to aliens silently observing us

scenic view of night sky
Photo by Hristo Fidanov on Pexels.com

Assuming there are a) aliens and b) they find us interesting enough to observe, of course. A haiku, in the form of a gentle plea:

Hello aliens
We're not as dumb as we seem
We need more time, please

This haiku is inspired by:

  • Putin thinking it was smart to invade Ukraine
  • People who cry about losing freedom because they have to wear a mask sometimes during a global pandemic
  • Global warming made a lot worse by guess who!
  • The general decline in rational thought, reason, compassion and what passes for common sense

Sometimes I think, “Wouldn’t it be neat to have a glimpse 100 years into the future, to see what wondrous technologies are yet to come?” but these days I’m more likely to pass on such an idea because I feel that future glimpse would reveal a world in which we (humans) are either gone or set back a thousand years or so in terms of technology due to our inability to stop fighting/killing each other and being so selfish and short-sighted about everything and anything. Sure, social media (nominated for Top Scourge of the 21st Century by me) amplifies all of this and perhaps makes it seem so much worse than it might really be, but I still find myself sighing over how often I see people being so casually thoughtless and uncaring. It feels like the glue that holds us together is wearing thin and everyone is moving toward looking out for #1, which will probably lead to our eventual doom.

Or maybe we will have flying cars and baby machines. Who can say? It’s easy to focus on the negative, so let me try one more haiku:

Hello aliens
We are a work in progress
Please do not blast us

There, a wee bit more positive, woo.