A haiku to heat

Yeah, this heat is hot
But it's not the pandemic
So I sweat and wave

Wave a fan in front of my face, that is. Or more precisely, aim an electric fan at my face.

Shoutout to America for providing the classic phrase “The heat was hot”, which I have adapted for use here.

Haiku for seasonal allergies

So you try to breathe
But nothing gets through your nose
Allergies are great

Okay, even by my low standards, that haiku basically sucked.

But who even knows if they’re allergies or something gone totally defective in my sinuses? It’s funny in a way, because as annoying as it is to have my nose almost perpetually plugged up, I’ve kind of gotten used to it. I guess this proves the old adage that you can get used to almost anything.

And addicted to nasal spray.

No, not addicted. I can stop any time. Any season. A season without allergies. The best season.

That’s it, I’m going to bed. Or have a bath. Something to take my mind off my nose.

* Possibly not an old adage

Snack-free November 2020 Days 4-8: There will be snacking

I suddenly and somewhat strangely fell off the blogging wagon after Inktober (also October) ended, and I am not entirely sure why–but I may speculate in another post.

But let’s talk about snacking. I have had some decent days and some bad days. It’s kind of balanced out but the end result is my weight is frozen right back around 171-172 pounds, instead of under 170 and continuing to trend downward.

Tomorrow is Monday, the start of a new work week, but I have booked the week off, so I am going to make sure I stick to healthy meals and little to no snacking OR ELSE. The good news is most of the snacks have already been consumed, so I just need to avoid buying more when I’m at the store. I can do this.

I’m reasonably sure I can do this.

And the haiku, this time about actual snacks:

Seldom sated by Satanic salty snacks

Potato chips yum
How can you only eat one?
Entire bags gone

Snack-free November 2020, Day 3: A day late, a pound short

Yes, I did some snacking yesterday and shamefully did not post. But I was also down one pound this morning, which is both weird and good.

I’ve been better so far today. I had a piece of fruit!

More later. And now a haiku on the U.S. election:

In Which America Reveals It Has Lost Its Mind and is OK With That

The U.S. voted
Sixty-three million for Trump
Burn everything down

Snack-free November 2020, Day 2: Not snack-free

Pretty much the same as yesterday snack-wise, so I won’t repeat the full list here. I was a little more active. We’ll see if the scale screams in the morning. I was down 0.4 pounds today, which was nice.

I suspect the snacking will diminish as the week progresses. Really!

Today’s haiku (about National Novel Writing Month, about which I will write more soon) is below.

50,000 words or less

Write a short novel
You have twenty-eight days now
Do this? Good fiction.

Snack-free November 2020: Because of October’s abject failure

Although the blog posts make for dull reading, it seems that doing a daily check-in on my snacking helps curb it and not doing a daily check-in results in snacking and plenty of it.

So I am back with the daily check-in. I will either try to spice things up by adding a haiku to each, for example, or move the check-ins to a journal program that no one else can see and is thus spared from. I will decide soon.

For today, not an auspicious start but it could have been worse (the brownies are now gone). The snack total:

  • A chocolate almond
  • A chocolate almond peanut butter cup (chocolate and almonds were apparently today’s theme)
  • A few crackers
  • Some veggie straws

Tomorrow I will try to go snack-free again, for real. For sure.


The Evil That Snacks Do

They fatten your hips
And everything else as well
Yummy snacks are bad

A haiku to the fresh new COVID-19 pandemic

You Can't Have Pandemic Without Panic

It's not just the flu
Worldwide and spreading fast
Grab toilet paper

Okay, I couldn’t resist making another crack about the toilet paper hoarding, because really, what is up with people? Do they think toilet paper is some glorious all-purpose thing that will help families make it through global catastrophes? Do they know something about toilet paper that I don’t? I’m pretty sure the answer to that is no.

Not that I can go out and buy some to find out, since they’ve already bought the entire world’s supply in the last week.

Next: Going out and trying to buy toilet paper for real (we’re down to four rolls).

An early case of the bluhs

After a bunch o’ posts yesterday I find my brain frozen once again, unable to come up with something to focus on and write about after a day in which my brain was subjected to intense frazzling. But here I am writing anyway, because not writing results in…well, nothing being written. And one needs to write to improve one’s writing.

Here, then is a haiku on the bluhs, which are a variant on the blahs.

On the bluhs

The bluhs in winter
They will try to bring you down
Resolve with Pop-Tarts

I’m not sure Pop-Tarts can solve the bluhs, but I might be willing to try.