A haiku to the fresh new COVID-19 pandemic

You Can't Have Pandemic Without Panic

It's not just the flu
Worldwide and spreading fast
Grab toilet paper

Okay, I couldn’t resist making another crack about the toilet paper hoarding, because really, what is up with people? Do they think toilet paper is some glorious all-purpose thing that will help families make it through global catastrophes? Do they know something about toilet paper that I don’t? I’m pretty sure the answer to that is no.

Not that I can go out and buy some to find out, since they’ve already bought the entire world’s supply in the last week.

Next: Going out and trying to buy toilet paper for real (we’re down to four rolls).

An early case of the bluhs

After a bunch o’ posts yesterday I find my brain frozen once again, unable to come up with something to focus on and write about after a day in which my brain was subjected to intense frazzling. But here I am writing anyway, because not writing results in…well, nothing being written. And one needs to write to improve one’s writing.

Here, then is a haiku on the bluhs, which are a variant on the blahs.

On the bluhs

The bluhs in winter
They will try to bring you down
Resolve with Pop-Tarts

I’m not sure Pop-Tarts can solve the bluhs, but I might be willing to try.

The post-flu world

Yes, given how awful and lingering this flu has been, I am now dividing my life into pre-flu and post-flu.

Every night for about the past week I have intended to post something to the blog–maybe a haiku, or a comment about the weather (done), but every night, after dinner and by mid-evening I find I have no energy left. The idea of laying down becomes immensely appealing. The idea of engaging my brain while sitting upright seems like far too much work.

That said, I’m forcing myself tonight, as you can now see. So here’s a haiku on the flu. A fluku, if you will.

The flu strikes swiftly
Energy sinks like a stone
Weeks later, still blah

Okay, not exactly my finest work, but it’s a start. Of something.

A haiku to the first snowfall of 2019

We have our first real snow (not fake snow) of 2020 and it’ll be around for at least a few days, thanks to sub-freezing temperatures (it’s -6°C as I type this at midday). Rather than curse the snow, I will haiku it instead.

It's snow time again
That white stuff is everywhere
Stay inside till spring

A haiku to gum gum people

Just what are they, anyway? What is their mysterious, unspoken agenda? Who knows? Well, in theory, I do, but this is all you get for now.

Tiny, pink and odd
Elastic, ever-giggling
Plans evil or not?

Haiku for August 2019

Some sun and some cloud
Warm and sometimes also wet
August you snooze me

August was a strange month in how mild it was. We had some hot days, but only a few. We had some rain, but only a little. We had days of cloud, days of sun and most of the time it felt like summer, but it never felt like summer summer, almost as if the real summer weather was always waiting just around the corner.

On the plus side, the occasional soggy weather meant no big forest fires and the pall of smoke that would blanket the skies here for weeks on end never materialized. This was a bonus for air quality, general pleasantness and my running.

So August was kind of boring, weather-wise, but a good kind of boring, especially compared to the heat-blasted hellscape that was so much the rest of the world during summer 2019.

A haiku on writing little and writing late

Late and sleep beckons
Inspiration eludes me
Time for crazy dreams

Once again I have waited too late to get any kind of real writing done (it’s post-11 p.m. as I type this), and I frittered away another non-hour session by listening to the gripes and concerns of co-workers. Plus some chat about Diablo 3 because IT is, let’s face it, full of gaming nerds.

I promise to do better tomorrow. Promise!