A couple of fiction updates

I’ve re-jiggered the Short Fiction Introduction page to serve as a repository for links to all the stories collected here. I have added .pdf versions of Green Revolution, Sammy Takes a Dive and Sing, Toaster, Sing. Expect to see more added over the next few weeks as I tidy up the tales for proper interweb presentation.

Keeping it fsimple

I’ve looked over a number of themes for WP and have settled on fsimple for now because it’s simple and I’m all about being simple.

I’ve adjusted the type, color scheme and formatting a bit and will continue to plink away at the general site design. Then I shall dazzle with content.

Sammy Takes a Dive

I’ve added Sammy Takes a Dive to the Short Fiction page. This is another comic story but it’s a bit darker than Sing, Toaster, Sing. If I remember correctly, I wrote it in one sitting and when I read it a few days ago, the ending struck me as so disturbing and out of place that I changed it before putting it onto the site (the story was written back in 1992). I may include the original ending as part of the story’s commentary at some point.

I’ll probably have a story with a wee bit more substance up in the next week or so, including one about Mother Nature’s wrath that looks quaint in comparison to the actual hurricane-earthquake-tsunami-palooza we’ve been experiencing over the last year.

Short stories? Yes! Good? Maybe!

I’ve begun the process of collecting my varied attempts at short fiction and will start putting them up on the site. These stories date back anywhere from about 1989 to 1997. Yeah, it’s been awhile since I wrote fiction regularly.

Most of the stories are first or second drafts and I’ve only gone over them lightly, fixing some of the worst gaffes but leaving them pretty much as is. My main objective is to just get the damn things out, then to worry about making them good.

The first story is called Sing, Toaster, Sing and is a silly little trifle. Read it over a Pop-Tart®. More stories to come on the Short Fiction page.

And the answer is…

c) A little of a) and a little of b). I dunno how people find so much crap to say.

In the meantime, members of QB may have noticed that our forums are down. While we work at lovingly restoring them to their former glory, feel free to share your comments in this blog thinger.

I kind of suck at this blog thing

Am I:

a) Really lazy when it comes to maintaining a blog
b) Have absolutely nothing to say
c) A little of a) and a little of b)
d) Rhinoceros!

I will post the correct answer after giving this a bit of thought. Give me a few months.

The Internet is not made out of paper

I recently bought an LCD monitor (BenQ FP937) after so many people raved about them on Quarter to Three. After a period of adjustment I can understand the raving. The clarity of the image is well beyond what my trusty old Viewsonic P95f+ was capable of, even when it was new out of the box. The screen is also a lot brighter than my CRT and this reminded me again of how much I dislike websites that have black text on white backgrounds. It’s understandable that people want to create sites that look like printed paper because everyone is cozy and comfortable with books and magazines. However, books and magazines do not throw a ton of light into your face while you peruse them. The Internet, as it currently exists, does.

Down with white, up with greenish-blue, I say.

Meanwhile, Samuel K has blogged his own site and posted a picture of his cat. I am thus obligated to do the same and go one better by posting a slightly larger picture of my cat. I give you Pooter (edit: okay, that was too big even for me):


Bloggity blog blog

I was the last one to get bell bottom jeans in grade 5 and now I’m the last person on the Internet to have a blog. Hooray for me! As you may have guessed, I am using WordPress for my blogging needs. An apparent feature of WordPress is relentless self-promotion as witnessed by the three separate links for the software on this very page. I’ll be culling a few soon and adding some other links that might prove interesting or not.