Bonus amusing cat image, November 2019 edition

Because two amusing cats are better than one. Not because I am desperate for stuff to fill the blog with. Nope.

To be honest, this one is probably more nightmare-inducing than funny, but it caught my eye. Behold the fully articulating feline.

Sign of the times #437

Headline from a CBC News story:

People are now literally dying for likes. Or confirming their affiliation with their favorite social media echo chamber before going splat.

But I refuse to believe that amusing cat images have resulted in road deaths. It’s too terrible to even contemplate.

Speaking of amusing cat images, here’s a bonus one:

Amusing cat image, May 2019 edition

With my new PC currently down, it is now time to turn my attention to cats being weird and funny. I present unenthusiastic cat vs. enthusiastic puppies: