Write something every day

That was one of my resolutions and these words are proof that I am sticking to it, if only technically. But give me a little time and the words will soon flow like some big flowing thing, like lava, but faster and less likely to incinerate you.

In the meantime, here is a kitten:

The cat sat

Today it is cloudy, cooler and there’s a chance of showers.

This is actually good, because it’s finally, if temporarily, cleared the infernal smoke haze from the area.

In celebration I present a cat reclining in a pose not unlike mine two nights ago when I canceled my usual Tuesday evening run due to the smoke and 32ºC temperature.

Cats, May 2018 edition

Yes, I’ve made a major decision and shortened the title of these posts to simply be Cats, because that’s what these posts are about. Cats. Funny cats, specifically, such as those found on the internet.

I ask you, what is better than a cat in a hat? A cat in three hats, obviously.

The hats pictured above are actually made from cat fur, so it’s very meta. They look very soft and comfy, though. boredpanda.com writes that Ryo Yamazaki, the photographer of the above cat, collects the shed hair from his own cats, fashions the hair into tiny hats, then does what comes naturally after that–puts the hats on his cats and take plenty of pictures. There’s also a link to his Instagram.

Is this why the internet was invented? I challenge you to argue how it’s not.