Amusing cat image, May 2019 edition

With my new PC currently down, it is now time to turn my attention to cats being weird and funny. I present unenthusiastic cat vs. enthusiastic puppies:

Write something every day

That was one of my resolutions and these words are proof that I am sticking to it, if only technically. But give me a little time and the words will soon flow like some big flowing thing, like lava, but faster and less likely to incinerate you.

In the meantime, here is a kitten:

The cat sat

Today it is cloudy, cooler and there’s a chance of showers.

This is actually good, because it’s finally, if temporarily, cleared the infernal smoke haze from the area.

In celebration I present a cat reclining in a pose not unlike mine two nights ago when I canceled my usual Tuesday evening run due to the smoke and 32ºC temperature.