Culling 2022: The daily BookBub newsletter

Today I yoinked another newsletter, BookBub. I did this despite BookBub doing exactly what it sets out to do: Highlight sales on books in genres I’m interested in.

I did this for a few reasons:

  • As a general part of this year’s culling, winnowing out inessential things and clutter from my life
  • My book reading has fallen off a cliff this year
  • I have a backlog of books to read for when I climb back to the top of the cliff
  • The majority of the BookBub recommendations are for unknown authors and my hit/miss ratio with them has left me increasingly risk-averse
  • A corollary to that: Established authors rarely show up in BookBub deals

My inbox has gone from being essentially unmanageable (so many newsletters coming in that I just plain didn’t read some of them) to so svelte I can breeze through it in a few minutes.

I like it.

Here is a cat seizing the day. And the mail.

AI likes cats

I asked the AI chat tool ChatGPT to write a blog post about cats. This is what it came up with. It seems very pro-cat.

A Blog Post About Cats

Cats are fascinating creatures that have been beloved by humans for thousands of years. From their playful personalities to their graceful movements, there is something captivating about these mysterious animals.

One of the most interesting things about cats is their unique ability to make themselves at home in any environment. Whether they are living in a cozy house with their human family or roaming the streets as a feral feline, cats are experts at adapting to their surroundings.

Another thing that makes cats special is their independent nature. Unlike dogs, which are known for their loyalty and eagerness to please their human companions, cats tend to be more self-sufficient and aloof. This can make them somewhat challenging to understand, but it also adds to their charm and allure.

Despite their independent nature, cats are also highly social animals. They are known for their strong bonds with other cats, and they can form close relationships with their human companions as well. Many cat owners describe their feline friends as being like family members, and there is something deeply satisfying about the special bond that can develop between a human and a cat.

In conclusion, cats are fascinating creatures that are full of surprises. From their adaptability to their independent nature, there is always something new and interesting to discover about these captivating animals. Whether you are a lifelong cat lover or just getting to know these mysterious creatures, there is no doubt that cats are truly one of a kind.


And here’s a picture of cat from DALL-E (prompt: house cat sunning itself indoors) to round off this AI edition of cats cats cats:

And a somewhat less successful (that “face”) “digital art” version:

Treadmill workout: Hey, it snowed again

I missed runs on Wednesday and Friday due to all that dang snow and, as they say on the interweb, had a sad.

Today I was feeling lazy, but mid-afternoon I got on the treadmill, queued up some YouTube videos and did a not-overly strenuous walk until I hit my Exercise and Move goals.

It was kind of casual, but like I said, it was a lazy day.

Here is a depiction of how I felt, in convenient cat form:


Speed: 6
Incline: 0

Pace: 9:41/km
Time: 55:50
Distance: 5.77 km
Calories burned: 317
BPM: 110

Welcome to December 2022 ~or~ Ice to meet you

Because it’s cold out there today. It’s -6C as I type this and the expected high is -1C, which scientists refer to as BRR. At least it isn’t snowing anymore. Or raining, because that would be even more fun with everything covered in crunchy snow right now.

I must venture out at some point to get some foodstuffs, plus I also want to go to the lake to see how viable it might be for running tomorrow. I’m not super hopeful, but you never know!

Also, I was down this morning, woo. Weight-wise, I mean, not in terms of my spirits. I am officially 10.9 pounds from my weight goal of 150. Can I get to 150 pounds in the month that plies people relentlessly with candy, chocolate, eggnog and the horror known as fruitcake? Possibly!

Also, here is a cat in the snow.

(S)no(w) run

Yes, I made this post just for the awful title.

I did a quick survey outside after yesterday’s big dump o’ snow and determined that going for a run today would result in hijinks of an unmerry sort, with slipping and falling and such. By my estimate, there was about two times as much snow on the ground to make jogging viable. I was sad.

Afterwards, I hit the treadmill just long enough to complete my activity rings.

And now, that cat on ice. Yes, the classic, perhaps my favorite gif ever.

Fall arrives, one month late

Just as the gods meteorologists predicted, today the weather has actually changed. This may not seem remarkable, but considering we’ve had virtually no rain for three months, it kind of is!

It’s currently 9C and instead of getting up to an unseasonably warm 18, 20 or 22C, the high is forecast as a mere 11C! There is actual precipitation lightly falling, even as I type this. It’s pretty crazy.

And now, a pair of cats prepared for the rain: