Run 750: Frosty

Frigid view from Cariboo Dam, pre-run.

I wore three layers up top and my running pants and did not feel overdressed at all.

It also stayed below freezing for the entire run, starting at -3C and only warming up slightly over the course of my jog.

Despite the frosty conditions (I earned the Frosty badge on my Garmin Forerunner for my first sub-freezing walk), I didn’t experience any issues during the run. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to my BPM, just going with what felt right and assuming that it might track a little higher due to the cold. It did, but only by a very minor amount, coming in at 152 BPM and a pace of 5:56/km, which equals Friday’s pace when it was 11 degrees warmer.

The only real complication was the cold tends to agitate my WSB (World’s Smallest Bladder) and midway past the 7K mark, I approached the turnoff to Phillips Point and thought, “Hmm, Phillips Point or PP as one might call it. Pee pee…” and made a slight detour to heed nature’s call. I had a very nice view of the lake for the short time I was there.

In terms of traffic, my early start meant I encountered some other early risers, including two small groups of runners, all of them bundled to the hilt. The one wrinkles was a woman walking a black poodle about the size of a small horse and that was off-leash. It kind of got in my way and she said, “Sorry” but it would have been better if the dog had just been on leash and under proper control.

Still, it was a good start to the week, and while I can’t say I’m crazy about running in the cold, it went about as well as could be expected.


Run 750
Average pace: 5:56/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CW)
Start: 9:19 a.m.
Distance: 10.03 km
Time: 59:31
Weather: Sunny
Temp: -3ºC
Humidity: 63%
Wind: low
BPM: 152
Weight: 163.5
Total distance to date: 5565 km
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, iPhone 12, AirPods (3rd generation)
Shoes: Saucony Peregrine 12 (237 km)

Run 749: Hitting the target

View from Cariboo Dam, pre-run.

Today’s run brings me to an official™ tracked total of 5555 km. Easy to remember!

The titular target was hitting an average heart rate of 150 BPM, which I did! This happened in a way that was kind of a fluke:

  • I had no weird spikes that would skew the average higher
  • I had some sections of the run where my BPM was surprisingly low, like 141 (I swear I was not lollygagging)
  • I had to stop to heed nature’s call between the 5th and 6th km. This allowed my heart to recover a little, also bringing down my average heart rate

Still, I’ll take it!

Again, no issues today. I was going to wear my long t-shirt and a base layer but stepped outside, decided it felt cold, and swapped to my windbreaker. I think if I could teleport to the lake, I’d be fine with the t-shirt, but the walk there can be quite cool. I didn’t feel overdressed in the jacket, but I probably need a new one. This one is about a size too small (it’s too short, not that I’m too girthy for it).

As mentioned, despite being 8C and little wind being present, it felt somehow colder and clammier. The sky was gloomy, but the “we promise, no rain” forecast stayed true. I’d say the Friday crowd was down a bit, and most people were fairly bundled up.

Overall, though, another good run.


Run 749
Average pace: 5:56/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CCW)
Start: 12:07 p.m.
Distance: 10.03 km
Time: 59:34
Weather: Cloudy
Temp: 8ºC
Humidity: 91%
Wind: low
BPM: 150
Weight: 163.1
Total distance to date: 5555 km
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, iPhone 12, AirPods (3rd generation)
Shoes: Saucony Peregrine 12 (227 km)

Run 748: Consistently consistent

View from Cariboo dam, pre-run.

After skipping Monday’s run, I was eager(ish) to get out today. I checked the weather forecast and it said 5C and cloudy. I checked it again, because outside it looked like it had been raining recently. The forecast literally said 0% chance of precipitation. “You better not be wrong!” I told the weather app. The weather app said nothing in response.

But it was right. It didn’t rain. I wore my windbreaker jacket and Nike shirt and actually feel that two layers (long sleeve and sleeveless) would have been fine.

They are digging up right around the part of East Columbia Street where I cross to get to the river trail, part of my 4 km walk to the lake. There’s no real alternate route without making a very long diversion, so the construction is a bit annoying. On the other hand, they had flag people on the road right at the entrance to the river trail and they actually stopped traffic to let me cross. I felt a tiny bit special!

I ran clockwise, not realizing I had done so last time, but no big deal. It’s not like my body will forget how to turn to the left after two cockwise runs. If it does, I will report so after Friday’s run. I again aimed at an average BPM of 150 or so, and came pretty close at 152. My pace improved slightly to 5:53/km, but the Forerunner said I needed 73 hours to recover. I may have to fudge that a little.

During the third km, my BPM started climbing steadily again and I still have no idea why. It peaked at 171, I adjusted my pace slightly (I was never running “fast”) and it shortly dropped back down to the low 150s. Is the heart rate monitor being goofy? Is my heart being goofy? Replacing the Forerunner is a lot simpler than replacing the latter. Will see if this happens again.

Other than this glitch, no issues at all. Everything worked as intended. I even passed not one, but THREE different runners. Granted, the first one looked pretty old (good for him being out and running!), another was running with a dog and had actually paused when I passed her on the bridge at Deer Lake Brook, and the third was probably the only one close-ish to my age and was merely moving at a slower pace, not like dying or anything, so that one almost counted.

Still, passing other runners is rare and it secretly delights me.

Overall, another solid effort to start off the new year.


Run 748
Average pace: 5:53/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CW)
Start: 10:23 a.m.
Distance: 10.03 km
Time: 59:04
Weather: Cloudy
Temp: 5ºC
Humidity: 94%
Wind: low
BPM: 152
Weight: 163.2
Total distance to date: 5545 km
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, iPhone 12, AirPods (3rd generation)
Shoes: Saucony Peregrine 12 (217 km)

Run 747: Jumbo jet joke here

View from Cariboo Dam, pre-run.

Today the plan was another Mellow Run™ and that is what I did!

First, I had to face a potential UBB (Unplanned Bathroom Break), but fortunately I got to the Jiffy John in time, and it was not occupied. The number of times it is occupied in the summer months may surprise you.

After taking care of business, I backed up all the way to the south side of the dam and started my run clockwise. Despite being a Friday, I didn’t encounter a lot of other runners, though a few people were out walking. Weather-wise, it was a bit chilly, but the clouds gave way to partly sunny skies about halfway through the run.

The “strobing” effect the sun produces in the winter when jogging along the Cottonwood Trail was not an issue today, thanks to my overall slower pace. It turns out that all you need to do is not run as fast, and the flicking light doesn’t flick as much. Who knew? Probably most people. And now I do, too!

No real complications on this run. Stamina-wise I felt pretty good, though my legs felt a wee bit tired by about the mid-point. I worked through it and the back half of the run felt like it went by pretty quickly. Probably the biggest complication came when I tried to adjust the music playback through the Garmin Forerunner. I pressed the lower right button (wrong) and this seemed to set an interval? I clicked a few more times, hoping to cancel (this is normally the “back” button) and set a whole bunch of intervals. What this meant is that while my run was still being tracked, it was no longer alerting me at 1 km intervals as it normally would. I felt kind of dumb for trying to do something when I obviously did not recall how. Let this be a lesson, kids. Runs are no place for experiments with your technology!

Anyway, I hot pretty close to my target BPM of 150, coming in at 151 and a perfectly fine pace of 5:57/km. It even said I should be ready to go by Monday, which is when I will be running next!


Run 747
Average pace: 5:57/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CW)
Start: 11:50 a.m.
Distance: 10.01 km
Time: 59:36
Weather: Partly sunny
Temp: 5-6ºC
Humidity: 92%
Wind: low
BPM: 151
Weight: 162.2
Total distance to date: 5535 km
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, iPhone 12, AirPods (3rd generation)
Shoes: Saucony Peregrine 12 (207 km)

Run 745: Puddle stompin’

View from Cariboo dam, pre-run.

Another run in The Rains, though it eased up to more of a sprinkle for the last two km, at least.

It was also a bit chillier at 6C, but I found I didn’t need to tuck my hands in at the start to keep them warm.

As for puddles, they were legion. The trail around the athletic fields was a series of equally bad choices. I went onto the field but it was so sodden it made no difference. My feet got wet.

I once again chose to keep a more moderate pace and finished slightly faster than Friday, but without the silly turboboost at the end, because this time no one passed me. In fact, I didn’t see anyone else out running, just a few people walking, some with dogs, some without. The trail was the lightest I’ve seen in some time, which is not surprising given how poopy the weather was.

In the final km, the left hip said hi, but that was all. The shins also seemed to hold up fine when I was dishing out the most punishment when going up or downhill. My pace varied quite a bit. My start was a bit sluggish, as I felt tired after a lousy night of sleep, with the second km coming in at 6:04/km, but by the Cottonwood Trail I had both eased my pace and cruised to a pace of 5:46/km. I ended with 5:55/km, which is perfectly fine. BPM ticked up slightly to 153, also fine.

I also figured out what the cryptic 4.02 alerts are, as they do indeed come up at the 4 and 8K marks. Why, you might ask? Isn’t 4K kind of random? It is! Until you convert to imperial, where it comes out as 2.5 miles, which may be one of the standard intervals. Why it would get converted to metric and shown to me when I’m running 5 or 10K runs, I don’t know, but at least I know what it is now. Maybe I can turn it off.

Overall, a perfectly cromulent run. I am hoping the next one will be a bit drier, but…


Run 745
Average pace: 5:55/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CCW)
Start: 9:51 a.m.
Distance: 10.04 km
Time: 59:25
Weather: Rain
Temp: 6ºC
Humidity: 97%
Wind: low
BPM: 153
Weight: 163.4
Total distance to date: 5520 km
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, iPhone 12, AirPods (3rd generation)
Shoes: Saucony Peregrine 12 (192 km)

Run 744: Giants and torrents

Soggy view from Cariboo Dam, post-run. Time 9:49 a.m.

I dressed for rain (rain jacket) and that came in handy, as after some intermittent showers for the first four km, The Rains descended, and it poured for the rest of the run, and rained on the walk home. It’s raining now as I type this. But it was also super mild at 10C, which is well above normal.

Today I had only one goal. Well, two goals:

  • Avoid big puddles
  • Run at a slower pace, trying to stick closer to 150 BPM

On the first part, this became trickier as the run progressed and when I got to the athletic fields I cut a wide berth around the floody parts of the trail, successfully keeping my feet relatively dry.

On the latter, I came pretty close, with a pace of 152 BPM. I did go a bit faster in the latter half and again in the last km, but there were other times when I let my pace drop as low as 147.

The shins again felt a little tender to start, but held up fine. I think as long as I avoid excessive turbo mode, I’ll be good. Plus, I now have at least two days of recovery (one day less than my Garmin Forerunner recommends).

As for the giants, there was one. At about 3 km remaining, I suddenly had someone whiz by me, a man dressed in black shorts, short and cap. Not the ghost of Johnny Cash, but a runner probably less than half my age and probably about 12 feet tall. He was moving pretty good on those freakishly long legs. I thought of playing catch-up, but there was no way it was going to happen unless I magically transferred into my 30-year-old body and let’s face it, 30-year-old me was actually in worse shape than the current version of me. I ended up having him pass me again, but in the opposite direction–on the river trail. I’m going to imagine he just ran full speed for the entire day, doing a few dozen loops around the lake and general area.

And then it happened again! A young couple with good hips passed me on the final km, on the Conifer Loop. They didn’t seem as fast as the hill giant, so I did make an attempt to keep pace, but a few things occurred to me:

  • This was not keeping my BPM down. In fact, it climbed to 160.
  • I was nearly at the end of a 10K run. I’m pretty sure they were not.
  • We’ll see if they’re still doing this when they’re 58!

So as much as it pains me to have other, faster runners go by me, I let them go. I still ended with a pace of 5:57/km, which is fine for what I was setting out to do, and conditions were not great, so overall I’m pretty satisfied with the results.

Also, a lot more people than expected were out walking in pretty awful weather, including a pair of women who each had a pair of walking sticks and remained unmoved when I called out, “Behind you!” as I approached them. I ended up running off the trail to get around them. I have no idea how they could not have heard me. Maybe I am being deafist, though. Perhaps they literally could not hear! I still shot them a dirty look from further up, as I rounded a corner. I’ll assume their eyesight is as good as their hearing.

Also of note, this was my earliest run in a long time, perhaps ever! I headed out early for a coupler of reasons:

  • Vain hope to beat the rain. This only semi-worked.
  • I was up early due to noisy neighbours, so why not turn lemon into lemonade? Or something like that.

I was back by 10:30, which is earlier than I head out on some days. I actually was outside before the sun was even up (if you could have seen the sun). It was kind of neat!


Run 744
Average pace: 5:57/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CW)
Start: 8:44 a.m.
Distance: 10.04 km
Time: 59:43
Weather: Rain
Temp: 10ºC
Humidity: 94%
Wind: low
BPM: 152
Weight: 163.4
Total distance to date: 5510 km
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, iPhone 12, AirPods (3rd generation)
Shoes: Saucony Peregrine 12 (182 km)

Run 742: The trail less travelled

View from Cariboo Dam, post-run.

For the first time in so long I can’t remember, I decided to bypass all three side trails:

  • Spruce Loop
  • Conifer Loop
  • Piper Mill Trail

This meant I’d do a “shorter” run and also hit my milestones much closer to the trail markers. In fact, I passed the 7K marker at the exact moment I hit 7 km. It felt weird!

The most notable thing about today’s run (other than lucking out and missing the rain entirely, which started about 15 minutes after I got back home), is speed. The side trails are a lot twistier, narrower and hillier than the main trail and perhaps because of this, I did the opposite of what I intended and instead of starting the week with a modest outing, I went all hells bells and by the third km I was feeling tired, which is something that, if it happens, doesn’t occur until maybe the 7th km or so. I confirmed by BPM were high, made an effort to slow on the Cottonwood Trail and managed to bring my BPM down without my pace falling down as well.

I still ended up setting Garmin records for faster 1K, 5K and 10K, plus had my best 10K pace since 2017 at 5:45/km. No real issues during the run, unlike the hip warning of Friday. This time, the watch only suggested 72 hours to recover, instead of 96!

It was cool and, in fact, it felt clammy enough leaving the building that I came back and swapped my dual layers for the long-sleeved shirt and running jacket. It was fine. It felt colder on the way to the river than at the river or lake, as a bit of breeze was blowing. The lake was as calm as ever.

Overall, an unintentionally good start to the week. For Wednesday, I plan on actually easing up for real and will resume running the side trails.


Run 742
Average pace: 5:45/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CCW)
Start: 9:43 a.m.
Distance: 10.03 km
Time: 58:53
Weather: Cloudy
Temp: 6-7ºC
Humidity: 72%
Wind: low
BPM: 155
Weight: 162.6
Total distance to date: 5495 km
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, iPhone 12, AirPods (3rd generation)
Shoes: Saucony Peregrine 12 (167 km)

Run 741: A modest proposal

View from Cariboo Dam, post-run.

My goal today was to actually make myself slow down and run at a more moderate pace. On Wednesday, my Garmin Forerunner told me I needed 96 hours of recovery time from my run, and I was all, “You’re not my mom!” but still, I thought it wise to pull back. And when I saw my BPM briefly spike around 170 at the 4K mark, I put on the brakes, then kept a steady, slower pace going forward (my overall BPM was 154, which is fine). My overall pace was still 5:56/km, which is perfectly cromulent.

I didn’t experience any issues until the last km, when my trick hip made a brief appearance. I suspect this has to do with how I sometimes sit at my computer desk and will make adjustments. It didn’t have any effect overall on the run, other than as a tiny red flag.

Weather-wise, I was hoping to beat the rain and mostly did. It showered a little, but for probably less than 10 minutes overall. I wore the two layers/shorts combo and again this was fine. It was much milder today–already 8C when I started, and the difference in temperature was noticeable.

Altogether, a nice conclusion for the week.


Run 741
Average pace: 5:56/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CW)
Start: 10:05 a.m.
Distance: 10.03 km
Time: 58:53
Weather: Cloudy, intermittent showers
Temp: 8-9ºC
Humidity: 87%
Wind: low
BPM: 154
Weight: 163.2
Total distance to date: 5485 km
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, iPhone 12, AirPods (3rd generation)
Shoes: Saucony Peregrine 12 (157 km)

Run 740: The Oblivious Ones

Lake view before the run.

With the weather being sunny (woo), I set out to do my first 10K in a few weeks. While there was a bit of a chilly breeze on the walk to the lake, it was quiet once I got there.

For clothing, I wore shorts and two layers up top. This was sufficient.

I set out and, just to be different, opted to skip the first two side trails, the Spruce and Conifer Loops. Before I made it to the 1K marker, I passed four other runners, which may be the densest ratio of other joggers I’ve ever seen (extrapolate that over my run and that would have been 40 other runners). None of them were running together, making it even weirder.

This wasn’t the only people-based weirdness, though. On at least three occasions I had two people walking ahead of me who were utterly unaware of my approach–even after I warned them verbally. Multiple times.

“Behind you!” No reaction.

“Behind you!” Still no reaction. Getting very close now.

“Excuse me!” No reaction.

“Coming through!” At this point I have to actually put on the brakes to avoid collision–this particular incident was on one of the boardwalks and there is literally no room to run around. The guy on the left fairly leapt out of his skin at my last warning and practically hopped out of the way. his friend said something funny, but I couldn’t make it out.

This happened several other times, where repeated warnings produced no reaction at all. I’m not sure how some people–especially when they’re with someone else, so clearly not lost in their own thoughts–can become so utterly oblivious to their environment when walking outdoors. What if I had been a hungry bear? A hungry jogging bear.

As for the parts where I was able to run without having to duck around others, it went well. No issues at all, and though I never felt tired, the last few km I could already feel my leg muscles reminding me that’s what a 10K run feels like.

I intended to make this an easy, mellow kind-of run, but instead just ran like I normally do and ended with a pace of 5:46/km, which is my fastest 10K in quite a long time. The Garmin app bestowed me with badges for fastest 1K, 5K and 10K. I like badges.

Post-workout, the Forerunner advised 96 hours to recover, which is twice as long as I would normally wait for my next run. I’ll mull its advice.

Overall, a good run and a nice return to 10K.


Run 740
Average pace: 5:46/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CCW)
Start: 10:02 a.m.
Distance: 10.03 km
Time: 57:51
Weather: Sunny
Temp: 4-6ºC
Humidity: 79%
Wind: low
BPM: 154
Weight: 165.5
Total distance to date: 5475 km
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, iPhone 12, AirPods (3rd generation)
Shoes: Saucony Peregrine 12 (147 km)

Run 737: Jet joke here

After two weeks, the snow has finally retreated enough that I can run on the trails again. Yay.

I could definitely feel the two weeks of not-running, though. Not as yay.

But I made it without any issues, so here’s a list of conditions and observations:

  • It was foggy. Ack. Unlike the November fog run, it was lighter this time, so my glasses didn’t become coated. It just lent a somewhat spooky ambience to the run.
  • I started out slow and never really got faster, but stayed fairly steady. I only had one km under the 6:00/km mark (the fourth, on the Cottonwood Trail)
  • The trail was mostly clear, though some snow persisted on parts that get less sun. I was able to navigate these without issue.
  • I started to feel a bit tired between the 6’7 km mark, but maintained pace and a steady BPM of 151 overall, which is good considering the cold.
  • Speaking of cold, I wore two layers up top and that was fine. My hands never really warmed up, though. I blame the fog, somehow.

A few dog owners had their dogs off-leash, but fortunately no problems arose because of this. The fog began to lift slowly over the course of the run, but it wasn’t until the walk back that the sun actually broke through. This probably worked to my advantage, since it kept the sun from “strobing” through the naked trees on the run.

Overall, it was nice to get back out, but I definitely felt missing those five runs that got called due to snow. Here’s hoping no more snow this year (or next year, while I’m at it).

The view from the bridge at Deer Lake Brook. There’s a lake in there, trust me!


Run 737
Average pace: 6:05/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CCW)
Start: 9:57 a.m.
Distance: 10.04 km
Time: 61:06
Weather: Foggy
Temp: 2-4ºC
Humidity: 91%
Wind: nil
BPM: 151
Weight: 162.8
Total distance to date: 5455 km
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, iPhone 12, AirPods (3rd generation)
Shoes: Saucony Peregrine 12 (127 km)

Run 736: The strobing sun

Another weirdly calm morning at Burnaby Lake. View from the Cariboo Dam.

Today’s run was going to be chilly, with the temperature only 1ºC at the start, and 3ºC by the end, a difference I did not notice!

I dressed thus:

  • Three top layers: sleeveless base, long-sleeved shirt, running jacket
  • Running pants

In the end I feel I could have worn two layers up top and shorts might have been okay. The only problem is the 4 km walk to the lake before. Near-freezing temperatures on my bare legs that long would probably lead to a lot longer warm-up period during the run, and it’s not like I was sweating a lot or something.

It was sunny and once again, the lack of any sort of wind was conspicuous and weird. In anticipation of getting that flickering effect from the sun shining through the now naked trees on the Cottonwood Trail, I opted to stick to a counterclockwise route. I did encounter some strobing on the south shore, but it was a lot more intermittent. There was frost in some shaded areas of the trail, but it wasn’t that bad as far as being slippery goes. Even the boardwalks were decent.

A bigger hazard may have been the Slightly Dim People out walking. Because it was sunny, there were more people out, which is fine, because it still wasn’t exactly crowded. I don’t know if the cold makes it harder to hear, but virtually no one heard me approaching from behind and most people were walking in pairs and hogging the trail, as people do. This didn’t lead to any situations, I just noticed everyone seemed a bit more oblivious today. Maybe it’s a Monday thing.

Unlike Friday, I had no weird heart rate spikes. At around the 7.5 km mark my BPM went up to 157 but it didn’t stay there and within a minute was back to the 150 range, which actually turned out to be my overall average. Nice!

As an experiment, I wore my Apple Watch on my right wrist, but locked the display so it wouldn’t record official workouts. I was hoping it would only track my move stats (steps) as these mysteriously don’t carry over from the Garmin watch, leaving a massive gap in my step total (on a lake run I usually put in about 20,000 steps). I was skeptical, but it actually worked. The Fitness app has my exercise accounted for by the Garmin watch, while the steps were tracked by the Apple Watch. I’m not sure if I want to wear two watches for every workout, but at least I know it does what I hope it would.

This was a solid start to the week, but there are portents of snow in the forecast. We’ll see what happens on Wednesday.


Run 736
Average pace: 5:47/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CCW)
Start: 10:50 a.m.
Distance: 10.04 km
Time: 58:08
Weather: Sunny
Temp: 1-3ºC
Humidity: 56%
Wind: light to nil
BPM: 150
Weight: 161.5
Total distance to date: 5445 km
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, iPhone 12, AirPods (3rd generation)
Shoes: Saucony Peregrine 12 (117 km)

Run 735: An odd spike and a little breeze

It was déjà vu in reverse as I matched Wednesday’s pace of 5:49/km, but running counter-clockwise. This was my second workout with the Forerunner 255, and it worked fine. I adjusted the stats it shows while running to include average pace and active heart rate, which are both useful for me.

The addition of the heart rate allowed me to observe an odd spike where it jumped from an average of around 150 to 171. It then dropped to 165 or so and after a few minutes (and with me only easing up slightly on my pace) it jumped back down to the 150 range. The section where it spiked was near the first boardwalk and I was not running fast, so unsure if this was a glitch with the watch or my heart. I will monitor, obviously! My overall BPM was 152, which is perfectly normal.

Other than the mystery spike, the run actually went well, no other issues. It was raining before I headed out but looked to be easing up, so I went with:

  • Running jacket with long-sleeved shirt
  • Shorts

This turned out to be more than I needed, as it was fairly mild and even though I felt AN ACTUAL SLIGHT BREEZE several times, it wasn’t really cold, so a long-sleeved shirt probably would have sufficed.

It’s rather amazing that I completed three runs in the third week of November and did not experience any rain.

The trail did require some minor puddle jumping here and there, and I got my feet briefly tangled up in a few twigs and debris from the rainstorm, but overall it was in pretty decent condition.

Overall, a solid effort and a nice way to end the week.

The view from the dam looking down the river, two gates open after the storm:


Run 735
Average pace: 5:49/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CCW)
Start: 10:43 a.m.
Distance: 10.04 km
Time: 58:22
Weather: Overcast
Temp: 8ºC
Humidity: 86%
Wind: light
BPM: 152
Weight: 161.1
Total distance to date: 5435 km
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, iPhone 12, AirPods (3rd generation)
Shoes: Saucony Peregrine 12 (107 km)