Bonus amusing cat image, November 2019 edition

Because two amusing cats are better than one. Not because I am desperate for stuff to fill the blog with. Nope.

To be honest, this one is probably more nightmare-inducing than funny, but it caught my eye. Behold the fully articulating feline.

Sign of the times #437

Headline from a CBC News story:

People are now literally dying for likes. Or confirming their affiliation with their favorite social media echo chamber before going splat.

But I refuse to believe that amusing cat images have resulted in road deaths. It’s too terrible to even contemplate.

Speaking of amusing cat images, here’s a bonus one:

Write something every day

That was one of my resolutions and these words are proof that I am sticking to it, if only technically. But give me a little time and the words will soon flow like some big flowing thing, like lava, but faster and less likely to incinerate you.

In the meantime, here is a kitten:

When narcissism and mauling come together

You might think this sign would not be needed, but apparently it is, because it exists. This particular one is at Robert Burnaby Park.

If you see a bear, do not take a selfie with the bear, because the bear will eat you and post its own selfie on Bear Facebook, featuring your mangled corpse.

The same sign also advises that you should not:

  • approach a bear
  • feed a bear
  • run from a bear
  • chase a bear
  • get close to a bear

Basically, if you spot a bear, immediately teleport away, if possible.

Goldfish cracker, goldfish horror

Found in a bag of nacho cheese Goldfish crackers, officially known as Kick It Up a Nacho flavor:

Yes, it’s a giant blob of nacho cheese stuff that somehow never got broken down. There was actually a second smaller blob as well, but it got sent off to cheese blob heaven before this picture was taken. I’m both intrigued and terrified at the thought of breaking the blob apart to see if anything is inside.