Noted: Early summer-like weather

April can be a rather damp month sometimes, so I wanted to record for posterity that we are in the middle of a week-long stretch of beautiful, summer-like weather. It was 23 today. 23! In April!

It was nice. I like this April weather.

Here’s a tulip, which I also think is nice.

The first day of spring 2021

It was actually yesterday, so I’m late, but here is a summary in handy list form:

  • It was cool
  • It was wet, especially in the morning
  • There is still a pandemic

Today–the second day of spring–was different!

  • It was even cooler
  • It rained a lot more
  • The pandemic was mostly unchanged, though

I actually don’t mind the rain much–I went out in it twice today. But I am looking forward to fewer showers and more sun, being able to go out wearing a t-shirt and shorts and things being green instead of dead. I have had my fill of winter for another year, especially one spent wearing a mask in every public space.

Finally, here’s a flower so this post isn’t just me complaining about the weather: