Inktober 2016 in February 2020

I finally decided to start drawing again because drawing is relaxing and I need to relax more. I chose to return to what got me (temporarily) rolling again–Inktober!

You might note that it is now February. This is correct. But I didn’t take part in the first three Inktobers, so I’ve decided to start with the first set of prompts from 2016. I won’t necessarily post one per day, but I’ll try, because the quick turnaround is part of the fun.

The one thing I am doing differently this time is featuring Gum Gum People in not just some, but ALL of the prompts. 31 days of Gum Gum People. Hee hee, as they would say.

Here’s the first prompt from Inktober 2016, FAST.


A haiku to gum gum people

Just what are they, anyway? What is their mysterious, unspoken agenda? Who knows? Well, in theory, I do, but this is all you get for now.

Tiny, pink and odd
Elastic, ever-giggling
Plans evil or not?

My first terrible sketch in Sketchbook: Gum Gum Person

This quick sketch (that’s my excuse, yeah) was made using Autodesk’s Sketchbook software on the Mac mini, using a Wacom Intuos tablet.

It’s a gum gum person and the color is off, the lines are weird and the face/head are not in proportion (I know my gum gum people), but you gotta start somewhere.

For comparison, here’s a pair of gum gum people I drew on actual paper way back:

Gum Gum racing
It just seemed obvious that Gum Gum people would race on magic bananas.

For my next trick I will try drawing something decent. Or maybe another gum gum person.