Daily Drawing No. 81: Walking

I am caught up on prompts, but not on posting them. Onward!

This one is people walking, as the title literally states.


Daily Drawing 79: Standing

First, a front, side and 3/4 view of the skeletal structure:

Then seven different references traced over to show the underlying skeletal structure:


Daily Drawing No. 78: Body proportions

Following the accompanying video tutorial. First, the body proportion guide:

Next, some simple sketches using the basic principles of the guide but allowing for some exaggeration:


Daily Drawing No. 74: Arms

Some of these arms looked a bit too much like drumsticks so I fixed them a bit–the tutorial actually tells you to use a combo of almond and drumstick shapes to build the arm so I may have just taken things a little too literally.


Daily Drawing No. 72: Fingers

This week it’s all about the appendages (except the naughty ones), starting with fingers.

I didn’t strictly follow the exercise because you’re supposed to drawl a veritable passel of poses for the finger and thumb from different angles and I only did a few, but I am a day behind and still did something, and they don’t look like crazy mutant fingers for the most part, so hooray for that.