Web-based dopplegangers

As you may have cleverly guessed my real name is not Creole Ned, though I have been known to answer to Ned in person. I like having this one layer of separation online, where my real identity is not exactly hidden (it’s listed in the About section here) but not front and center, either. This is not to say that I write through a persona — Creole Ned is simply the online ID I use.

From time to time I have thought about going with a domain that uses my real name but it turns out they’re all taken. My last name is very common — James — and the first name (Stan) is not uncommon enough to not be hooked up with James online. I took a little stroll on the web and discovered that stanjames.com is, of all things, a gambling site. That’s kind of depressing (and it’s the reason I’m not providing a direct link to it). I don’t think I’ve ever gambled, apart from an occasional lottery ticket, which I view as more of a charitable donation than anything (I am always reminded of the old Lotto 6/49 slogan from back in the 90s. It was “Hey, you never know!” The long-defunct Doppler Superstore had a sign out front and after they became an authorized lotto dealer, they had the slogan up for awhile, except they got it slightly wrong. It read “Hey, you’ll never know!” It’s probably the best case of accidental truth in advertising I’ve seen). stanjames.net, stanjames.org and stanjames.info all redirect to stanjames.com. Man, that guy was thorough. stanjames.ca is also taken but in this case it’s “under construction”. I can only dream in anticipation over what wonders will be revealed there.

It turns out that most variations on stanleyjames are still available but I never use my full name, though if I did it might cut down on the whole “Stan the Man” thing or the “No, my name is not Dan” thing (I once had a roommate named Dan and occasionally carried on longish phone calls with people who actually wanted to talk to him and not me). I could also try a variation like stanwjames which is available (trivia: all three of my names can be re-arranged and still work; the middle name is William) but again, I just don’t have a compelling need to switch over.

So creolened.com it shall be for now and the undermined future. Go me!

UPDATE: It turns out this “Stan James” fellow is simply a composite name for a well-known UK bookmaker (Wikipedia link) and when I did a Google search of my name, the bookmaker monopolizes nearly all of the first 20 pages of results. I show up once on page 14 due to my Facebook account. I guess this is good if someone decides to “google” me before hiring me for some sort of job. Unless they think I’m a UK bookmaker and have a thing against them, of course.

2009 in review: The ‘me’ edition

In which I offer tidy lists summarizing the year that was.

The Bad

  • getting laid off — on Friday the 13th, no less (of which there were three this year)
  • hurting my right calf while jogging and being forced to sit out for four weeks as a result

The Good

  • writing over 12 short stories
  • taking part in National Novel Writing Month and completing a novel in 21 days (currently undergoing a second draft)
  • exercising with free weights (started with 10 lb dumbbells, moved to 15 lb)
  • taking up jogging (every other day, up to 10k runs now)
  • started dating again (with, ahem, mixed results but I’ve met lots of people, had some fun and made at least one new good friend)
  • began tinkering with programming again
  • kept off the weight I lost in 2008 (currently around 146 pounds and holding steady)
  • made lots of posts on this blog (whether this should go under Good or Bad may be a question of taste)

The Neither Good Nor Bad

  • with the layoff, my bike didn’t see much use, as I mostly rode it to work
  • the weightlifting regime didn’t give the results I was hoping for, so I am reworking that
  • all of the dating did not get me a snugglebunny but this is not unexpected, since the whole thing is a crapshoot

I shall return and edit these lists as I recall other high and lowlights of the past year.

Next up: The Year in review: The Global Edition

Of posts not written

It turns out writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days really cuts into the time you normally devote to going on about various inanities in your blog.

On the plus side, I am near 32,000 words as we hit the halfway mark, about 7,000 words ahead of the pace and I think the science in my story is probably more accurate than the science in 2012 (more on the in the next post). And mine is a horror story.

That Facebook stuff

I don’t think I’m cut out for this fancy Facebook thing. I haven’t updated my status since my birthday on September 19th. Somehow I’ll pull through, though.

More on this possibly later!

Out of touch

I have often cultivated tastes that are a bit out of the mainstream. I’m not saying my tastes are refined or cultured or anything, because my reading list will quickly prove otherwise, but I still manage to avoid by design or accident most of pop culture. To wit:

  • I have never read a Dan Brown novel
  • I have not seen either Transformers movies
  • I have no cable, so no TV — I’ve not seen an episode of House, Dexter or a billion other hip shows
  • I don’t know most of the top ten musical acts. I’ve heard of Lady Gaga because some things are unavoidable. :P

This isn’t really good or bad, just a thing.

To complete this random post, the Robert Zemeckis-directed version of A Christmas Carol featuring Jim Carrey that’s out this holiday season looks really really bad. I mean, astonishingly bad.

October, the bloggiest month ever

I have at least one blog entry every day of the month for October, for a total of 22 entries thus far (including this one) , making October my bloggiest month ever.

I am uncertain as to whether or not this is a good thing.

In other news, I am to walk the dog today while Tim and Sue are off to Kelowna for the weekend. It looks to be a wet experience, if nothing else.

My journal from 1987

I moved to Vancouver in August of 1986 and my first job was working at Expo 86. Five months later I began keeping a journal (I never called it a diary — the book has no lock so any ol’ person could leaf through it freely and I’m pretty sure a few certain people have). I diligently wrote in it every day, even on days when I had nothing to say. It seemed important at the time.

From time to time I’m going to post entries from way back when, to look back on what kind of bright-eyed idealistic dummy I was at the age of 22.

A snippet to start, from January 22, 1987:

Will someone put arsenic in Mariette Hartley’s Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea…PLEASE!! After viewing her in that commercial only twice (during 20/20) I am ready to throw any number of blunt objects at the TV in the vague hope that through some weird freak of science, said objects will suddenly materialize before Ms Hartley and knock her front teeth out, thus cutting her grating, perky cute quotient down from two hundred trillion to something intolerably unbearable (which would be an improvement).

Such anger — although I think I nailed her perkiness fairly accurately. I was also gauche enough back then to use two exclamation points. Never again!

10 things people will always complain about

  1. Politics
  2. Taxes
  3. Their supervisor/co-worker/job
  4. The decline of manners/common courtesy/civilization
  5. The price of gas
  6. The other driver
  7. Ads before movies
  8. Ads before anything
  9. “Kids these days”
  10. The lack of a save mechanism before boss fights*

* okay, maybe not everyone will complain about this one, but everyone should