Photo of the Day, August 18, 2018

A seemingly abandoned child’s hat in Lower Hume Park. Note the slightly weird lighting is due to smoke haze from the million forest fires currently burning around the province.

Photo of the Day, August 14, 2018

Pine tree at Langara Golf Course.

And another shot of the dry grass. No weird focus issues in this one and the dry grass looks a little more perky. Better or just different? Undecided.

Bonus Photo of the Day, August 13, 2018

Yeah, this could have gone in the other post, but I like to keep ’em separate for some reason or another.

This is dry tall grass at Langara College. I didn’t set the focus and there was one rogue stalk out front that is blurred. I haven’t decided if I like the effect or not. I may take another shot.