Walk 34: Early June, early heat

I’ve actually done a few walks recently that I didn’t record because they really were just walks, with no running at all (yesterday for example). But today I actually did run a bit, despite the unusually warm weather. I basically jogged when under the shade of the tree canopy and walked when out exposed to direct sun. It seemed to work reasonably well.

My stamina is still pretty feeble, though, like I could keep running, but it would feel like the sloggiest of slogs, and I’d probably start getting cramps in weird parts of my body. But it was still nice to get out and be physical and such.

I didn’t go quite as far as usual today, as I wanted to try to keep the total time down to an hour (I had not planned on running at all when I set out), so my overall distance is lower than the normal (which is typically over 7 km), but it’s reasonably close.


Walk 34
Average pace: 8:49/km
Location: Brunette River trail
Distance: 6.83 km
Time: 1:00:11
Weather: Sunny and hot
Temp: 29ºC
Humidity: 37%
Wind: light
BPM: 127
Weight: 179 pounds
Total distance to date: 259.44 km
Devices: Apple Watch Series 5, iPhone 12

Thoughts on food

I have been thinking about food a lot the past two days, but unlike most previous days this year, the thinking has not been followed by eating. I’ve also gone out for two walks and even ran a bit today despite it being 29C. Hopefully I can keep this up and get the flab under control. If not, I am putting in for a sexy robot replacement body.

Thus endeth the parade of anything I can think of, May 2021 edition

This is the 11th post I’ve made today, which may be a record. And with #11 I have officially hit 31 posts for the month, keeping to my “one post per day” rule intact, which is actually more like a “post the equivalent number of times to match one-post-per-day for the month in question” rule. Which has worked out so far, so why change now?

I could go for a Sausage and Egg McMuffin right now.

Secret entry

Dear Diary,

Why is it I sometimes freeze when it comes to writing, even on this blog where I have repeatedly demonstrated I have no issue sharing half-baked thoughts, ill-formed ideas and otherwise questionable content. Is it because I know the internet can supply me with an endless stream of cat gifs to substitute for that content?

I think that’s it, actually. I don’t have a solution for this, only a vow to try harder the next time the freeze happens, and to resist posting cat gifs in place of my own words, doodlings or videos of interpretive dance.



P.S. That said, here’s one more cat gif because why the hell not at this point:

Spellsworth is amazing

Spellsworth is my Season 23 wizard in Diablo 3. I got him to level 70, completed the four chapters of the season and got all six pieces of his armor set. He is now a machine of unbridled destruction. I play at Torment V, which is fairly low on the Torment scale, so he melts stuff pretty effortlessly, but he piles up oodles of gold and plowing through hordes of demons remains strangely soothing.

I think my latest obsessive turn in Diablo 3 will be ending soon, though. I want to make the Staff of Herding (again) and visit the cow level one more time, then I think retirement to a nice wizard castle may be in order.

After that I’ll consider one of the other 700* games I have in my backlog.

* this is not an exaggeration. I’ve been busy…accumulating cheap or free games

Unearned Flippant Observations

John Gruber said something I found kind of dumb on Daring Fireball today in a story about how UFO sightings are almost certainly not aliens:

It makes no sense that an alien civilization with the technology for faster-than-light space travel would lack the ability to remain hidden from us, if they so chose. (Same argument goes 100× for any claims that alien ships ever crashed on Earth.)

As the linked New York Times story notes, the thought is that if super-advanced aliens are trying to sneak around our skies, they’re doing a really poor job of it.

This is such a facile take–even if you absolutely do not believe in alien life–that I’m a bit surprised Gruber went public with it. There’s a few problems with it:

  • It adopts a human-centric point of view, assuming that aliens would act like humans, when we have no idea of what they would act like (or look like, or anything else about them)
  • It assumes that the aliens are constantly inadvertently revealing themselves in a non-conclusive sort of way and that this has to be blundering of unimaginable proportions, therefore it can’t be aliens because they would be way smarter than that–but completely ignores the possibility that if it was aliens, the behavior is almost certainly deliberate. That is, they want people to see UFOs, but not to actually do anything that erases all doubt that they are real and aliens have been here for however long. The likeliest reason for this would be to acclimate humanity to the presence of other intelligent life, especially life that might be superior to ours in important ways, like technology. Knowing that super smart aliens have been observing us for decades or longer as some kind of planetary science experiment would leave a lot of people feeling grossly inadequate, or angry or scared. It would literally change our world and rewrite our history. So maybe the aliens (if they exist) would try a go-slow approach, getting us used to the idea before confirming that they are, in fact, real.
  • Also, the whole “Why wouldn’t they just land on the White House lawn” bit is stupid on several levels:
    • America is not the world and allegedly super smart aliens would probably know that
    • Revealing themselves in such a gross (not to mention trite) display would cause about the worst possible reaction
    • Republicans would blame Democrats somehow

Anyway, I think UFOs are probably a bunch of different things–everything from meteorites to planes to, yes, weather balloons, but I also think there is enough evidence to suggest some are perhaps not of this world, or at least not of this world as we know it. Are they aliens? Curious humans from another dimension? I have no idea. But I suspect that we’ll have some kind of answer in the next ten years.

And it will not be revealed on the White House lawn.

Random thoughts on random topics supplied by a bearded man on Discord

  • Speed writing: Every time I try this, I get arrested by the word police for crimes against spelling.
  • Blog vs. vlog: On a blog I don’t have to look beautiful. On a vlog I don’t have to worry about typos. Since I can always wear a wig and glasses and spell pretty good, I’ll call this a draw.
  • The shift to electric vehicles: Where will all those dead batteries go?
  • On the resurgence of board games: I have no one to play with, so they suck, all of them. Yeah. Or maybe I need new post-COVID friends. Time shall tell. (As kids, we totally used the Free Parking “dump all money here” rule in Monopoly. I preferred Mousetrap, though, as it better suited my aesthetic for the zany and impractical. Speaking of impractical, every attempt I ever made at RISK.)
  • Ice cream flavors: I prefer chocolate, with or without peanut butter. Some caramel is acceptable. Vanilla is actually pretty decent, if it’s good vanilla. Neapolitan is perfect for those nights of indecision. Strawberry is fine. Anything with licorice is the darkest evil. Ice cream in a bowl is better than in a cone, but ice cream in a sundae is best of all. A Dairy Queen Oreo cookie Blizzard is yummy and probably 5,000 calories.
  • Toad vs. frog deathmatch: I say toad, because they seem meaner than frogs, somehow. The smart frog will choose to not engage.

I am an official C# programmer

I wrote “Hello world!” in C#. I’m adding C# to my resume now.

(This is part of a bigger plan that will hopefully come to fruition this year. More details soon, possibly in the next post if I’m not lazy or distracted.)

Let’s see if I can remember the code:

Console.Writeline("Hello world");

Fake edit: I checked and forgot to capitalize the L in Line, which would have produced an error, since C# is case-sensitive. But I remembered that it’s case-sensitive!

Also, this is the most coding I’ve done in like ten years.