Treadmill workout: Saturday grind

I skipped yesterday but walked at a brisk pace for 8km, so I skipped relatively guilt-free.

Today was the first day of summer and nature ushered it in with a bit of irony, as it rained all day. I stayed inside and tinkered around before finally doing a workout in the early evening. I felt a little less energetic than usual, as if doing not much of anything during the day drained me more than if I had done stuff.

That said, all stats except BPM were improved over the previous workout, so what do I know?

Speed: 6.5 km/h
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:29/km (9:34 km/h)
Time: 30:03 (30:03)
Distance: 3.16 km (3.14 km)
Calories burned: 329 (323)
BPM: 146 (144)

Complaint-free me, Day 5: Back to Day 1

Today started with an email essentially invalidating a bunch of work I had done yesterday. I was not happy. I complained.

I moved my complaint-free band to my other wrist. I complained some more and moved it back to the original wrist.

Tomorrow I start over on Day 1 again. I regret complaining, but at the same time part of me is glad to have gotten it out of my system this early on. It made me reflect not just on my state of mind, but where I am right now, and helped clarify the path I want to take going forward (which is not the path I am currently on).

So, lemons made into lemonade. Or something.

Complaint-free me, Day 4: Oh, so close (to complaining)

The only thing of note today is I deliberately had to refrain from expanding on certain thoughts to others, because those thoughts would be complaints. I mulled the idea of de-complaining the thoughts by proposing solutions or whatnot, but it seemed too much effort for no real gain, so I just stilled my fingers on the keyboard.

On to Day 5!

Treadmill workout: These titles are getting harder

Today I did not feel the same pep when I started but managed to finish with a little by the end.

The stats are a mix of better/worse but in all pretty close to the usual averages. I did hit pi again for distance. Mmm, pi…

I checked the calendar of the treadmill app and saw that today was my ninth workout in a row, and my tenth in eleven days. Not too shabby. I may try to run again outside this weekend to see how this wee burst of exercising has improved my stamina. I’m not expecting much at this point, really, but being able to run without stopping before I actually mean to stop would be nice.

The stats:

Speed: 6.5 km/h
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:34/km (9:29 km/h)
Time: 30:03 (30:03)
Distance: 3.14 km (3.17 km)
Calories burned: 323 (319)
BPM: 144 (144)

Complaint-free me, Day 3: Is a magic number

I edged perilously close to complaining at a few points today, but again was saved by being forced to communicate through online chat and was able to resist the temptation.

My partner had a bad day at work, but upon coming home immediately set out for 30 minutes of balancing to re-establish his Zen. I appreciated him not using me as a sounding board for a litany of complaints. He felt better by not dumping on me about things I have no control over, and I felt better for not having been dumped on–and tempted to do the same in return. Win-win, as they say.

Treadmill workout: Fast, slow, slower

Today I started out at a very brisk pace of 9:15/km. I was ready to climb right over the top of the treadmill. By the second km I slipped to 9:29/km, respectable but not great. On the third km I was at 9:41/km, clearly paying the price for my earlier enthusiasm (though I felt decent, really). I only saw the heart rate on the treadmill blip to life a couple of times so the light grip seems to be improving.

I originally started playing random songs for the workout. The iPhone music app now shows a list of upcoming songs when you select shuffle play–which sort of removes the surprise aspect when you think about it–and I noticed almost all of the upcoming songs were poop for workouts, so I manually shuffled a mix of stuff I deemed acceptable. Sometimes technology is great, sometimes it’s better on paper.

The stats, most of which are improved once again. BPM was likely up a bit due to the blazing pace of the first ten minutes.

Speed: 6.5 km/h
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:29/km (9:35 km/h)
Time: 30:03 (30:03)
Distance: 3.17 km (3.13 km)
Calories burned: 319 (309)
BPM: 144 (140)

Complaint-free me, Day 2: Boogaloo

I admit, it feels like cheating to be doing the Complaint Free challenge when I’m working from home. It’s much easier to keep from complaining when you have to type out your complaint in a chat program and then hit the Enter key to send it vs. just opening your mouth and letting it spew out without thought.

Today that did not happen, so I am two for two so far on the challenge. I’ll admit there were a few times I came close, but I recognized each one and held my virtual tongue.

Treadmill workout: The start of hands-free

One thing I am doing as I engage in these daily workouts is to try to not be as grippy.

When the treadmill is set to a speed of 6.5 and an incline of zero, the pace is brisk, but entirely manageable. It’s just a fast walk. Set the incline to 10 and that brisk pace now requires me to hang on for dear life.

Almost. Over the last few workouts, I have been trying to use a much little fingertip-style grip on the treadmill’s “handlebars.” Today I even went hands-free a few times, which requires not just sheer physical effort to keep from sliding toward the back of the treadmill, but also a good bit of balance, which I do not have in great abundance.

Still, I am making progress and it’s one of the things I can do to make the treadmill workouts more interesting because, let’s face it, walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes is not something that makes one’s socks roll up and down in excitement.

I felt pretty good today, but my first two km were strangely slow. Maybe I felt too good. I ramped up the effort for the last ten minutes and was much faster. I felt manly and all my stats were slightly improved.

Here they are:

Speed: 6.5 km/h
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:35/km (9:41 km/h)
Time: 30:03 (30:02)
Distance: 3.13 km (3.10 km)
Calories burned: 309 (306)
BPM: 140 (141)

Complaint-free me, Day 1: Third time lucky

On February 3, 2018 I declared myself a victor in the 21-day Complaint Free challenge. By August I had started the challenge again, feeling I had lapsed. According to the entries on this very blog, I lasted seven days on my second attempt before going curiously silent about the whole thing.

Here we are more than two years after my initial success, in the middle of a global pandemic, a recession caused by the same, worldwide protests over police brutality and Donald Trump is President of the United States. If ever there was a time where it felt A-OK to complain, 2020 would seem to be that time. It’s also a great time to challenge myself to rise above the urge to complain, to stay positive and focus on the good, to find solutions instead of just griping about things, especially things I can change.

And so I have donned my purple Complaint Free bracelet again. For the first day I think I got through okay. If I complained to someone else (and I did ask some people to verify if I had), it was too subtle to notice, or I just wasn’t paying enough attention. While either is possible, I think I came through with a legit victory for the day.

The toughest part, as before, will be refraining from sarcasm, or at least sarcasm in the form of “complaining with humor”, which is very close to all sarcasm.

I completed the initial challenge very quickly–the book notes it takes most people 8-10 months to hit 21 consecutive days of no complaints–so there was always that nagging doubt I had complained a few times and not noticed it. We’ll see if I get similar results this time.

I’ll report back in 8-10 months (ho ho).

Treadmill workout: Off

In which I now refer to my treadmill walks as treadmill workouts because it sounds more macho.

The workouts remain the same.

Today’s workout was a bit off. I was slower, to start. Monday blahs? Tired from the weekend? Impending illness? In the last five minutes I felt a little light-headed and my legs became unto spaghetti. Well, not that bad, but I could sense the beginnings of spaghettification. As with so many things in life, I don’t have a good explanation for this.

But I did complete the workout, kept my streak intact and have these stats to share (note that the comparison stats are for a 40-minute workout; today’s was 30):

Speed: 6.5 km/h
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:41/km (9:32 km/h)
Time: 30:02 (40:02)
Distance: 3.10 km (4.20 km)
Calories burned: 306 (439)
BPM: 141 (143)

Treadmill walk: In for another 40

Since I had time today, I decided to go for another 40-minute workout on the treadmill. Let’s see how yesterday’s workout, along with 17 km of additional walking throughout the day affected my stamina today.

I was a tiny bit slower but burned more calories. BPM was also down a bit, which goes hand in hand with being slower. Overall, the results are very similar. In terms of pace, I noticed I flagged around the 3km mark, but picked up again for the last km. I again found myself experiencing the weird sensation of having my mind go off thinking about other things than the actual exercise, something that is relatively rare when I’m on the treadmill, so this is a good thing.

Speed: 6.5 km/h
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:32/km (9:29 km/h)
Time: 40:02 (40:02)
Distance: 4.20 km (4.22 km)
Calories burned: 439 (431)
BPM: 143 (145)