A haiku to the summer cold

It was inevitable, really. After staying healthy for the trip earlier this month and healthy for the first week back at work, I felt a tickle in my throat yesterday afternoon that turned into a sore throat and sinuses by evening.

As I interact with other people all day–both by choice and otherwise–and live in a building where the hallway ventilation can be described as “no ventilation at all this year” I am perhaps only surprised it took this long for a cold/sore throat to latch on.

I am equipped with both DayuQuil and Nyquil. I am not taking both together, however.

The summer cold hits
Unwelcome sore throat and nose
Sickness and the sun

A haiku for a soggy summer start

The rain falls in June
I know the sun will return
Burn my arms again

Which is true. No matter what I do I always end up with some degree of sunburn on my arms, it’s like one of the laws of the universe. This year I’m using sunblock to see if my body is actually resistant to active sunburn prevention.

I will provide photographic evidence as needed in the near future to demonstrate the outcome of this.

A haiku to my knees

I don’t know about these knees.

My knees are olden
Eldritch things of days gone by
What was I saying?

No, that really doesn’t capture it. Let me try again.

These are not bees knees
They are sensitive like me
Creak like an old ship

Better. Not perfect, but good enough.

My postiest month ever

This is post #43 for January 2018. As of post #39 it became the month with the most posts since I started this blog back on February 4, 2005.

Twenty-one of the posts have been chronicling my efforts to remain complaint-free for…21 days (I complained one day and had to start over). Still, that means 22 posts have theoretically had other content in them, so I feel I’m doing reasonably well. There aren’t any real standouts this month, but neither is there anything that you’d read that would cause you to turn and run away screaming.

But because these sorts of self-indulgent posts are only interesting to me and no one at all visited the site just two days ago (sob), I’ll end with a haiku of minimal entertainment value that I shall call The Blog.

The Blog

So I made a blog
Everyone tweets somewhere else
Write into the wind

Testing the axiom “An artist must suffer for his art”

My personal life has undergone a seismic shift as of last night. Since this is a blog and not Dear Diary I’ll say no more, but if an artist must suffer for his art and I keep writing or doodling or throwing pots or engaging in some sort of creative endeavor, I will soon be producing work that’ll look touched by genius.

Just sayin’.

Let’s start with a haiku.

I did a bad thing
The consequences are due
I am a dumb guy

The genius part may build slowly over time…

Important 5-7-5 website update!

The seven posts featuring the tag “haikus” have been edited to use the tag “haiku” instead. The “haikus” tag has been shot.

Or to put it another way:

The haikus tag gone
Long live shorter haiku tag
Me write English good

Haiku for a pants-free month

I didn’t wear pants for the entire month of August. It only rained once, overnight while I was sleeping. Even the few cloudy days were warm. The smoky, hazy days were downright hot.

This calls for a haiku.

August was dry and hot
My pants would have been on fire
Solution: pants-free

A haiku for summer

A haiku for the summer, officially three weeks away.

I welcome the sun
Delightful and cozy warm
Welcome to the shade

Environment Canada is predicting it will be warmer but precipitation will be about normal. A possibly El Nino could screw everything up. Given how extreme and weird the weather has been the last few years, I feel safe in predicting I have no idea what the next few months will be like.

Sunny would be nice, though.

It is the days of blah

I have been tired and kind of out of steam this week creatively, though I’ve managed a few trifling bits.

This post is essentially padding the monthly total of the blog because I have nothing to say but here are words to fill the void.

Also, since I haven’t written one in a while, a haiku:

The days of blah come
Inspiration eludes me
Fudge sticks and crackers

Now I’m hungry.