A haiku to November

I am not so keen on what November has given me, the world and possibly the entire universe.

If Only Time Machines Were Real

November you suck
Clowns, despair and no good words
Christmas will be coal

Haiku to the common cold

As I type these words I am finally feeling a smidgen better after this horrible cold has spent the last week making my daily existence unpleasant. I am on the verge of breaking my 242 day Move streak as tracked by my Apple Watch due to my lack of energy and it makes me a little sad. It does not motivate me to go out tromping in the raging storm outside to try to salvage the streak, however. I’ll just start anew tomorrow.

In the meantime, here is a haiku to the common cold, may science eradicate it once and for all (preferably before the next one comes a-calling for me).

Hark, the common cold
The coughing and the sneezing
Go away now, please

The multiverse me

If the multiverse exists, I wonder if another version of me in some parallel dimension is also fumbling to come up with something to post to his blog. I hope so, because I hate to suffer alone.

And now, a haiku dedicated to all the possible universes:

I am here and there
Across the universes
Me, myself and I

A haiku to half a summer of running

Half a summer of running is better than none.

I ran in the heat
Until my leg, it went “Ow!”
Walking, the new black

Okay, that’s pretty terrible, but in my defense I’ve got some kind of bug or virus or whatever it is I can walk a half dozen blocks, go down a flight of stairs, then feel exhausted and ready for a nap by the time I climb back up them (which describes my after-dinner walk tonight. I wanted to see how much of the tree destruction had been cleared. The giant tree on Sherbrooke had been chainsawed and piled on the side of the road but the smaller tree on Fader was still toppled over, albeit now with caution tape around it. It’s also not resting on the power lines. I wanted to check out if any clearing had been done down on the Brunette River trail but after climbing back up the stairs in Lower Hume Park–the trees at the bottom were still blocking the way–I was feeling more like exploring the comfort of being tucked under the sheets than the great outdoors.)

As to the running, the right leg is legitimately starting to feel better. I’m cautiously hopeful that with some physio and a few weeks of stretching exercises I may be ready to run again before the end of September. By then, of course, the light will be fading quickly after dinner and I’ll have little time to get runs in, but I’ll figure something out. At least it won’t be Africa hot.

A haiku to weight loss or lack thereof

A haiku in tribute to a month of nearly zero weight loss. Not that I’m bitter. I’m totally not. At all.

Maybe a little.

I confess to having nipped at a cookie or two, so I have no one but to blame but my stupid hands and their ability to pick up edible things and shove them into my willing mouth. I’ll work on this in February. In the meantime, haiku:

A desire to slim
The donuts are forbidden
But sprinkles linger

A haiku for my back

Five days later and my back is starting to feel a little closer to normal after The Stooping Incident. I have written a haiku to help remember this less-than-cherished event.

This Back of Mine

Bending down and zap
Pain and the old man shuffle
Stupid random back

A haiku to bloodletting

Today I had some blood drawn for some standard tests prior to my check-up. It could have gone worse, it could have gone better. I’ll edit in the summary I write on Broken Forum. For now a haiku:

Draw some blood for tests
Fasting first leaves me woozy
Some pain then float home

Exercising the brain

Since I am not so much exercising the body at the moment (more on that in another blog entry coming real soon™) I have decided it is time to exercise that other flabby part of me: my brain.

I am going to start out simple with that old standby, the haiku. I dedicate this one to writing.

I shall write some more
To remove words from my head
And set them amok

Day 17 of 84

Haiku means ‘when you have nothing else to say’.

It is November
The days are short and rainy
Jog with umbrellas

Not that I would ever jog with an umbrella. And not that I can jog for another 67 days, officially. But I have jogged in some rather inclement weather and since we will be right in the middle of winter when I next run I anticipate soggy or perhaps even snowy conditions — and I look forward to it!