A haiku for my back

Five days later and my back is starting to feel a little closer to normal after The Stooping Incident. I have written a haiku to help remember this less-than-cherished event.

This Back of Mine

Bending down and zap
Pain and the old man shuffle
Stupid random back

A haiku to bloodletting

Today I had some blood drawn for some standard tests prior to my check-up. It could have gone worse, it could have gone better. I’ll edit in the summary I write on Broken Forum. For now a haiku:

Draw some blood for tests
Fasting first leaves me woozy
Some pain then float home

Exercising the brain

Since I am not so much exercising the body at the moment (more on that in another blog entry coming real soon™) I have decided it is time to exercise that other flabby part of me: my brain.

I am going to start out simple with that old standby, the haiku. I dedicate this one to writing.

I shall write some more
To remove words from my head
And set them amok

Day 17 of 84

Haiku means ‘when you have nothing else to say’.

It is November
The days are short and rainy
Jog with umbrellas

Not that I would ever jog with an umbrella. And not that I can jog for another 67 days, officially. But I have jogged in some rather inclement weather and since we will be right in the middle of winter when I next run I anticipate soggy or perhaps even snowy conditions — and I look forward to it!

Day 8 of 84

Writing about my ankle for 84 days may be difficult.

Today I offer an ankle haiku:

Oh ankle down there
Why did you injure yourself?
You stupid ankle

Difficult indeed.